The Windseeker Report 6/16/11

Really have done enough Cedar Point trips to not warrant a full trip report, but since Windseeker is brand new I thought I'd offer my opinion of it. Good location, looks cool at night, plays music, but overall its Meh. It offers a nice view of everything, you get some wind obviously but it is not very intense. It does exactly what it looks like, spins you around a bit 300 feet in the air. You are not at the top of the tower for what seems very long. As a ride it just didn't do a lot for me, but if you don't like heights then maybe it will do something more for you. Or I'm just crazy and need to take up skydiving for a thrill if spinning around 300 feet in the air isn't much for me.

The rest of the park, really I didn't think it was all that crowded for getting into summer. Really haven't spent all that much time at Cedar Point recently so maybe it isn't in full swing yet. The bugs were everywhere though. Also of note Mean Streak is ride able. That shouldn't be celebrated on most rides but for this one you take it. Still especially the second half of the ride it seems to labor back into the station and doesn't do much. Rest of the flats and Coasters were running good as usual.

I would really like to see MS get the Texas Giant treatment......

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I got on it yesterday, and I'll admit it---I was jittery on the ascent. It's just *tall*.

It will be interesting to see how it fares with park guests overall. I expected not to ride it; we arrived at the park at 3PM, and I figured the line would be insane. We walked by at 4:50 on the way to the All Wheels Extreme show, and hopped in what turned out to be a 15-minute line, tops. They were doing a good job of grouping, but still---hopefully it is just that the park wasn't very busy (and it wasn't). Even so, I would have expected more of a line.

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I haven't been to the park this year yet, but how odd does the aquatic stadium look now with windseeker there and the more wide open view of the beach? I just keep thinking how great it would look without it there anymore.

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I thought the exact same thing Brian. Did the early entry and even though I went straight to it, there was no need to do that as people weren't running to it. Still early, maybe word hasn't gotten out that it was open, and the park wasn't busy, but I would have expected a little more buzz about it.

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