The Waltzer

I know this isn't a roller coaster, but has anyone been one one of these rides? I came across it on you tube. It's like a tilt-a-whirler. There in the UK

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I think they show one in the movie Tommy when they start the song Amazing Journey.

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janfrederick said:
I think they show one in the movie Tommy when they start the song Amazing Journey.

B'lieve you're right.

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Its trade name is the 'British Tilt A Whirl', but its made in South Africa. Several are in the US, including one on Mariner's Landing Pier @ Morey's Piers in Wildwood.

They spin about 40% faster than a Sellner Tilt.


Have you been on one?

Been on countless Waltzer rides in my time, they were/are very much a staple of the travelling fair circuit in the UK. Back in the late 70's/early 80's, you could ride without the safety bar down and my cousin and I also rode a Waltzer kneeling on the seats with our stomachs and chests against the back of the seat - now that was wild!

I don't think the Waltzer at Morey's is a UK-originated ride or design, the undulating platform appears different - from what I can see all of the floor pieces are the same size whereas UK rides have two different widths of floor panel arranged in a wide/narrow/wide formation.
Also, to get the full effect on a Waltzer, you really have to have several carnies on the ride spinning the cars whilst it's running - that's when it gets really intense :)

There was a ride builder situated not far from where I now live who built them although they no longer exist (they also built other rides and coasters, including the fabled Wild Mouse in Aberdeen, Scotland, apparently).

More info on UK Waltzer rides can be found here, click through the links to get to photos of each ride:

And more on the history of travelling rides in the UK can be found here: It's worth a dip into if you have some time to kill, brings back happy memories of my childhood :)

And here's a reasonbly decent example of one in action:

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Yep, they are a blast. My Daughter loves tilt-a-whirls. The Waltzer is very similar, but as mentioned above much faster.

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^Wowza! And look, no railings - you just don't walk into the ride, or jump onto or from it! I guess us Americans need 4 layers of high fencing and threats of handcuffs, and stuff.

Is the Waltzer a relative of the breath-stealing *Twister*?


Why isn't there any in the USA?

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There was one Waltzer in particular in the UK that stands head and shoulders above the rest, and beats most any flat ride I've EVER ridden. Botton's. If you can, get there....OMG amazing doesn't even begin to describe it!

Other Waltzers lacked the operator who would walk around the ride and give you "bonus spinnage".

I remember the Waltzer Carowinds had in the mid-70's. They called it the Do-Se-Do.

It's like a Tilt on steroids!

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There IS a Waltzer in Wildwood, NJ. Thats in the USA.

Waltzers kick ass, especially if they're running with attendants walking around spinning you.

Especially if you tip said attendants to make sure they really concentrate on your car.

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Waltzer with amateur Chippendales:

This is crazy. Does the Waltzer at Wildwood still operate?

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LOL! Now THAT'S how to get people to buy tickets to your carnival rides!

This is how you run a gay Waltzer.

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The Waltzer I rode at the pier right across the street from Blackpool Pleasure Beach last fall is the craziest spin ride I've ever encountered. I could not believe how much I spun and for how long. It was absolutely unbelievable and amazingly I didn't get sick from it. And the ride cycle was a good 6-8 minutes!

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That topless Waltzer looks insane. Anyone know if staff do that in Wildwood? Not the topless part, but spinning the moving tubs? I'm sure it would be fun but bet the insurance and OSHA folks would not go for it so much.

You spin when the ride moves. No advance spins.

Thanks Agent. Probably more fun with the advance spins but still a really great looking ride.

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