Friday, April 21, 2000 6:10 AM
The Villian was tested at SFO and did not make it up the 2nd turnaround. Does anyone know why this happened? *** This post was edited by KnightFlightTom on 4/21/2000. ***
Friday, April 21, 2000 7:40 AM
A lot of times coasters have to break in before they will complete the course. The wheels haven't been spun that fast or that much yet, and still need loosen up. Take rollerblades for example. When you get a new pair of skates if you pick them up and spin the wheels, the bearings are still new, and the wheels spin, but only for a short time. But if you grab an old pair of skates and spin the wheels they will spin for a really long time, and alot faster, with less effort.

I know the mechanics are not similar, but you can also relate it to a new car. At first you shouldn't push the car to much, and its the same way with a coaster train. If you push it too much it wont do it right away.

It also might be the trains. The boss had the same problem till they threw some PTC's on it, then it ran fine. Maybe the Gerlestlar(sp???) trains take a long time to break in. Anybody know if the sisters had this problem?

Friday, April 21, 2000 11:17 AM
There are pictures and a complete detailed account of this incident at

Funny how there are so many SFO fans all of a sudden......

Monday, April 24, 2000 6:26 PM
It has since made a complete circuit
Tuesday, April 25, 2000 5:48 PM
Supposively the newly manufactured trains had too much grease on the wheels, and were simply sliding on the track instead of rolling. Remember, I said *Supposively*!

See yah this summer at Six Flags Ohio!

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