The Ultimate, once the longest coaster in the world, set to close

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A posted email screenshot confirms the closing of the coaster. The Beast will rise to the 2nd longest coaster in the world.

This was always a very weird coaster in terms of design (kind of like The Beast). Has anyone ever ridden it? What was the experience like?

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I know a guy from the UK whose favorite coaster (at least some years ago) was the Ultimate. From what I recall, he described it as quirky, not well designed, with jerky transitions, crazy fast in some places (ploddingly slow in others)...things that just made it oddly fun.

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This came up last year.

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I last rode it in 2002. The first half was like riding a scenic railway. But, it was after the second lift that all hell broke loose! Crazy ride! I remember the next morning everyone was comparing bruises from the ride!

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