The Trouble with Inline Kung Fu: My Day at SFGAm

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I had been planning an all-day 10 to 10 experience with my best friend and fellow coaster maniac, Adam who, like me, is 16, for weeks. On Saturday, we put our plan into full gear, even though the day would shoot us a few curveballs.

Now, before my day is told. There is some stuff you need to know about Adam. He's a cussaphobic. He absolutely hates all swears, including psuedoswears (crap, bi-otch, and any type of insults). That doesn't bother me much, though a swear a lot. What bothers me is that he sees rides (Orbit, Condor, other flatland spinners) and says he's the captain and I'm his right hand and he pretends the car is a spaceship like Star Wars or something _ ;;; THAT'S the worst part.

On our way to the park, we made a pact. We would ride every coaster, front row, before the park closed. We got to the park around 10:15 and saw the lines. There was no way in Hades that pact could be fulfilled. Not today.

We ran out of the entrance, eyes on the prize aka Deja Vu. Neither of us had challenged it yet. When we reached the entrance, we knew we wouldn't challenge it as soon as we had hoped. The line was 4 FRICKIN' HOURS LONG!!! AND IT WAS HAD ONLY BEEN 15 MINUTES!!!

Disturbed and perturbed, we headed to our favorite. Raging Bull aka The Unbelieva-Bull. 45 minutes we waited and we pulled front row. Neither of us had tried a front row seat so the ride was a complete adrenaline rush for the both of us. The view is incredible, absolutely incredible. I loved every second of it.

After Raging Bull, we went back to Deja Vu. The line was now 3 hours and 45 minutes. Great. We moved from there to the arcade. The Time Crisis game was our choice, and needless to say, it sucked. Both guns wouldn't work so we were wasting our money. It sucked donkey balls.

Lunch was great, though. Andre's French Fries (best cheese fries in the state) and giant funnel cake sundaes with 32 oz. root beers. YUM!!!

And to believe we challenged Batman right after and didn't barf! We waited about 60 minutes to ride, and at the hottest point of the day. Adam was complaining about the heat so a dumped my cup of water on his head. You could imagine the commotion that resulted.

Batman was cool, like always. It seemed faster that day though. Anyhoo, after the ride, we went back to Deja Vu; the line was down to 3 hours, 30 minutes. We couldn't win. Adam put his foot down and demanded we ride the train since it was so hot. Reluctantly, I agreed. We went 3 times around the park, then we headed to the Orbit.

Adam's spaceship madness got the better of him. He said, and I quote; "You grab Pod 9, Giga 2. I'll take 8. Together we will blast the Klagorthian scum into OBLIVION!!!". At that point, everyone was staring at us. Just great.

He then moved to the Chubasco, where he nearly broke my wrist, when I attempted to take control of the wheel. He showed no remorse and blamed it all on me. I wanted to kill him.

We sat down to an early dinner (cheese fries, cheeseburgers and sprites) and talked out how we would deal with the evening. After dinner, we agreed we'd take on Deja Vu no matter how long the line. Ready for the worst, we approached the gate and saw it. A 1 1/2 hour wait. I nearly fainted at the beautiful sight.

The wait seemed to be more like an eternity. Adam instigated a little game of "Don't Touch the Ground". When I rejected, he started punching and poking me. When we went for my stomach, I backed away...into the lady behind me. I got yelled at and this repeated itself multiple times to the point where the lady threatened to call security. NOW I was pissed off.

When we reached our seats, I had been; punched 8 times, feet-stomped 5 times, and kicked 2 times (one missed and Adam nearly missed the lady). The ride was sheer coaster nirvana. I didn't care much for the loops, but the towers...WHOA!!! Going up backwards was surreal and scary! Deja Vu has hit my top 3 coasters.

But that was not the end. We rode Whizzer for the last time (we won't be coming back until 8/14; two days too late). God rest it's soul. It will be missed.

We stopped for Italian Ice and then moved to the Sky Trek Tower during the parade. We saw the fireworks at eye level. Sweet!

After that, we raced to Shockwave. We were the only ones in the station!!! We rode the ghost train front-row. The ride seemed to pause at the peak, giving us the most awesome look at our immediate future. The plus to that ride: the track lights were out! The ride was intense and jawdropping. Our picture was so funny, we bought it!

Adam insisted another "space ride" on the Condor. I sighed and rode. We left the park at 9:56. Overall day rating: 8 out of 10. Deja Vu and Shockwave saved the nightmare of the spaceship thoughts and Deja Vu line wait. I think next time I go with Adam. I'll lay down the law. I will not be embarassed like that EVER again.


Take it up a notch, Mr. Operator! I wanna feel my brains in my feet!

Deja Vu surpased all my expectations as well. The vertical towers are sweet! Nice TR.

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I really want to go on a Deja VU.


If I had a buddy acting the way yours did, he would have been left alone within the first hour of being in the park.

Why would you even touch this park on a Saturday? Especially if you wanted to do the front of each coaster.

Saturday + SFGAm= Ridiculously crowded.

Ric Flair was hitting on the female host, he told her - "Space Mountain may be the oldest ride in the park, but it has the longest line." WOOOOO!

It was late July, hot, and we thought the tourist season was over. Bad mistake. But hey, we still got 5 coasters in, 2 front.

Plus, I'm in summer school so I can't go Mon-Fri

Take it up a notch, Mr. Operator! I wanna feel my brains in my feet!

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Atleast go on a Sunday.
-Matt in Iowa
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Yes i agree Deva Vu looks great. I really dont see what is so great about the towers. can someone please elaborate for me. Too bad there are only three in the entire world. Oh well someday soon thats for sure.

Drive It Like You Stole It!

Ride It Like You Own It! has to do with the hanging sensation as you're being dragged up the tower facing the's cool...

Posting, "Me too" like some brain dead AOLer. I ought to to the world a favor, and cap you like old yeller...

Up abckwards right...I guess that would be tight. cant wait. Thanx Redman!

Drive It Like You Stole It!

Ride It Like You Own It!

Andre's Cheese Fries RULE!

Good trip report. Sorry that your friend was so wierd. Last year I went with a friend that said he would ride coaster with me, and then when we got there, he wussed out on EVERYTHING!

Ok, so how can it be that you "work there," but will not be returning to the park till 8/14? Confused? see that lovely little post you made about an Intamin Reverse Freefall in this topic:


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There are 4 Super Inverted Boomerangs in the world...don't forget Stunt Fall at Warner Bros. Movie World in Madrid, Spain (I love RCDB random coasters!)

Here's how that works. I have to work Monday, Thursday, Friday-Sunday to earn myself another day off (since I wasted all of mine). That's the earliest I can earn one by. Ouch!

I still work there, but when I'm working, it's not like I can just ride the rides. However, I AM begging for the last shift of 8/12 on the Whizzer with my boss. I'll be the last one to operate the legend if my request is approved. There was some talk between two colleagues of mine that after the park closes on 8/12, they might (repeat, MIGHT) let the employees take a ride on it themselves after hours. Hope it's true.

Take it up a notch, Mr. Operator! I wanna feel my brains in my feet!

What good does that do for the rest of us who dont work there? They really need to make an announcement to the public and have a farewell day for the Whizzer if it is indeed going to close.

""To be the man, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!, You got to beat the man""!!!

Ok, then according to your birthdate in your profile, you are only 15 years old, and you must be 16 to work in rides. And what is the first name of your "boss" that you requested to work the whizzer on August 12, Whizzer's "last day?" I still think your full of it.

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No offense X,

But, like Spacecase said, you are only 15. In addition, you don't "earn" days off. You work on what we call a schedule. That's right! You are told when you get days off, not how many more you must work until you can get one! I'd say stop while you're only a few feet under.

"If two coaster trains almost hit each other, why is it called a near miss and not a near hit?"

Awww snap! Nick & Pete gotcha! :)
Not just that, if he works on Whizzer on the 12th, he must be part of maintenance since they will be starting the dismantling of the ride on Monday the 12th... :(

Goodbye Whizzer, dear friend. You set me rolling many years ago into this fun hobby...

RIP Whizzer: 1976 - 2002

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