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Having been to SFWoA a million times before, Joe and I were only looking to hit enough coasters so we would reach our 100 coaster goal. Right then, we were sitting at 93 coasters. Should be easy enough to get 7 rides in right? Wrong.

We came on a bad day. The parking lot was near full on the Rides Side and not a very good side. X-Crap's line was more then an hour. This should've been a good indication of what was to come but we decided to just tough it out no matter how much we wanted to just go home.

Superman: Ultimate Escape (5) - The ride was closed earlier in the day according to the front gate so it looks like it just opened when we got there. Our only ride of the day would be my 650th ride lifetime on SUE. Great ride as always.

Big Dipper (3) - It musta been because of where we sat in the train but we got a very bumpy ride this time. But basically the ride is just as always.

Mind Eraser (2) - Vekoma Boo... ya who cares.

X-Crap - No way in hell i'm standing in that line!

Serial Thriller - Who careSLC.

Double Loop (2) - I didn't think those cars would get any smaller. The park proved me wrong. Same old looper.

Road Runner Express (2) - I just love this ride. The train is sooooooo long!

Raging Wolf Bobs (2) - I'd much rather ride Wolf Bobs then ST or X-C. Same old bumpy ride as usual. Word to the wise, the Red train runs better then the Black train.

Batman: Knight Flight - CLOSED

Villian (4) - Our 100th coaster was gonna be BKF but since it was down, we opted for Villian instead. I remembered this ride to be very shaky but the park did something to downsize those vibrations. Much better then my previous ride.

During our 3 hours in the park, we experience more line jumping then all of the parks we visited combined. Trash everywhere and slow operations. Overall on this day I gave the park a (2).

Here's how our trip ended... a night ride, on Villian, with fireworks over the lake. A very good way to end a 4,000 mile journey across the US.

Coasterman Mike

PS. When we got back to the car, we found out that I had a flat tire and I needed to put on the spare for the last 100 miles of the trip to get home.

PSS. If you've been holding out on making comments, feel free to speak your mind now. Have a nice day :o)

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Great reports all the way around. That was a marathon, but it sounded like a fun trip.
I am going to yell at Joe because he said you would be at SFWoA on the 11th, tsk tsk.
The 11th? Where did he come up with that date? I'll yell at him as well.
hrm B:KF was closed all day, i told everyone why, but jeff thinks i am "lying" so it was deleted

That Joe seems to be on another planet at times.

Nice TRs Mike!! Glad you guys had fun and were able to make the trip :)

Great TR's Mike!!! I'm happy to hear you had a fun/safe trip!!!
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It's hard to ride anything at SFWOA because everytime I go there, the majority of the rides are broken! That place is just pure junk.
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If you ask me, they should just tear everything down and start over. I had more fun at Erie View Park.
Ok, but no one asked...

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