The Trip - SFSt.L 8/8

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*8/7 of The Trip was spent driving from Savanna, OK to St. Louis, MO. No riding was done. Just 8 hours of driving.*

With The Boss having G-Trains and the only other impressive ride being Mr. Freeze, we didn't see ourselves staying very long. This actually turned out to be the case. So here we go...

Batman: The Ride (3) - Just like the others, intense, fast, and lots of fun. However, the theming is definitely not as good as the others. Still a good time.

Ninja (3) - A decent Arrow but not much to it. Sorta intense and terrible transitions. Eh...

River King Mine Ride (1) - Sigh... another slow and boring mine train. I never saw any river that this ride could ever be the king of.

Scream'in Eagle (4) - Surprisingly good. Unbelieveable airtime with a good amount of shakiness. The out&out back style made the ride nice and long. And how the park let the trees grow in as much as possible was cool.

The Boss (-10,000)=rating for trains (5)=rating for ride - Oh goodness... this ride is horrid with G-Trains. Almost unbearable. There is also no way to avoid the roughness. It all goes straight to your head. The layout is near perfect. Fast paced, loads of airtime, 70 degree banked hills, and all the good stuff CCI knew what to put in. The trains... they suck.

Mr. Freeze (5) - Almost exactly like SFOT's version with the exception of a incredibly smooth ride. Little to none vibrations. The queue line is extremely long. Very good ride.

Acme Gravity Powered Roller Ride - You must be a kid to ride this one. No exceptions. :(

Nice small park. The river rapids ride looked insane. Friendly employees, clean pathways, and a simple layout for easy navigation. Overall I gave the park a (3).

Coasterman Mike

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Ninja is a Vekoma with I believe Arrow trains. I really liked the chain headchopper on it. Everything else I pretty much agree with you on this park. I like Boss more than you do I think although I never really minded the G-trains on either that or on Villain.

Bob Hansen

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