The Trip - SFOT 8/6

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I personally had no clue about this park. Joe had visited last year so that was basically my only insight to the park. On this day, I would also reach my 200th coaster. With that in mind on to the reviews...

Texas Giant (4) - Tall, no first drop brakes, plenty of airtime and laterals gave this ride a big boast above its brother up north. We sat in the second to last car and the roughness was more then tolerable. Quite possibly the best woodie of the entire trip.

Runaway Mine Train (1) - Yuck, slow and boring mine train.

Titan (5) - My 200th coaster. Very nice ride. Incredibly smooth, just enough airtime and possibly the most intense helix i've ever been on. No, i'm not talking about the second one either. I'm talking the first one that leads right into the mid-course. Perhaps the second 'famous' helix would be just as intense if the MCBR wasn't set to absolute stop mode.

Mini Mine Train (1) - Kiddie coaster

Shockwave (3) - Nice looper but not to intense. Very smooth though. The supports due look a little bit to small for the kinda weight that is pushing down. Good airtime as well.

Mr. Freeze (4) - I love Premier launch coasters. B&R is one of my favorites but Freeze definitely is up there with Chiller. I love the way the track slides left and right into position. The theming was well done IMO. Could've been better however. The Top Hat inversion is extremely quick and provides a ton of hangtime. The trip back down the vertical spike is awesome. Top notch ride.

Batman: The Ride (4) - Just like all the others, smooth, intense, and disorienting. I still don't get exactly what the theme to the ride is. Seemed like to me that the park thought to throw awhole bunch of cool looking stuff in and the cheesy 'Wayne Foundation' building. Odd though... the Wayne Foundation is actually a charity and is a bank account in the Gotham City Bank. Weird...

Flashback (2) - Veko. Boomerang. Credit.

Judge Roy Scream (3) - Fun woodie with the strange feeling that the ride strived its best not to be rough. Some good air here and there. I had no idea that it had a connection with ACE.

Wile E. Coyote's Grand Canyon Blaster (1) - Kiddie coaster

La Vibora (2) - Slow, boring and had the same strange vidration that PKD's bobsled had.

Runaway Mountain (1) - Extremely simular to Skull Mountain at SFGAdv. Not to much fun though. Ride through pitch blackness. The queue line was cool though. Watch out for those gators!

All around a nice park. Friendly employees. They dealt with the heat like champs. Some however seemed to be beaten down by the sun. The park layout is very twisty and you can easily get lost. I guess you can say it had the Busch kinda feeling as far as pathways and how buildings were handled. Overall I thought the park deserved a (4).

Coasterman Mike

Cool TR! I wonder if SFOT will bring us some thing next season..

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