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Tuesday, August 13, 2002 4:46 PM

Well sadly, SFOG and myself didn't get started off on the right foot. As soon as we walk into the front gate, we were greated by a mob of crazied GP who ran around in circles with no clue on which way to go. It was very congested and almost everyone was trying to find their way to the Lo-Q shop. But by the end of the day, everything was cool and I enjoyed my day. Thanks to the help of some very special coasters. :) On to the ride reports!

Deja Vu (1) - Argh! Oh goodness do I loath Vekoma. I had heard a few good things from a few other enthusiasts and the layout looked like a winner to me. So we got inline and stood inline for the next 2 freak'in hours of my life. It might have been quicker if the trains weren't dispatching 7-10 mins apart from one another. Then we had our ride... I never could have thought this company could make any of their boomerangs rougher then already. Vekoma proved me wrong. I was delivered a very rough, painful, and unthrilling ride that left me questioning why exactly SF would ever in their right mind purchase one of these things. Oh well... and by the way, the ride broken down about 2 hours later and never reopened for the rest of the day. Darn.

Ninja (4) - Now I know what your saying. How could such a ride deserve such a rating. Well its true. IMO, I thought the ride was great. TONS of headchoppers, compact layout, and the kind of roughness that I could easily deal with.

Great American Scream Machine (3) - A nice little woodie but not much to talk about. Little bit of airtime and some laterals. An okay ride. Now for the good stuff...

Superman: Ultimate Flight (5) - I have been on both Batwing and X-Flight. After riding SUF, I asked the question, "Vekoma who?" If you want a true flying experience, ride SUF. It's hard to explain but the way you are positioned while riding, it just makes alot more sense. The ride also keeps a nice average speed constantly throughout the entire course. The Pretzel Loop is definitely very intense but no more so then Batjunk or X-Crap's loop. I pray that B&M continues to produce more orginal layouts for this ride. Truely a gem.

Batman: The Ride (5) - For some strange reason, this BTR seemed to go a little faster then all the others. Then once in the station, they had the Batman theme song blasting when each train dispatched. There was also a very large Batman logo sitting right infront of the loading side. I was also treated to a smooth and very intense ride. Great ride.

Mindbender (5) - Smooth, intense, and alot of fun. The "third inversion" or diagonal helix was tons of fun. I also loved the question marks all over the train. Very cool ride.

Georgia Scorcher (5) - Once again, another B&M charm. Though it may lack the inversions, the twister layout more then made up for that. The fast turns and quick transitions kept me happy even to the very end.

Georgia Cyclone (3) - My first Cyclone clone. A nice long woodie but I really didn't see anything spectacular. Good air and lats but once again, the trims hurt this one.

Dahlonega Mine Train (1) - Ho hum. Another mine train. Credit.

... and because this is the only park in America to have a Stand-up freefall...

Acrophobia (5) - After riding KP's Pittfall more then 250 times, I found this freefall to be much more terrifying then Drop Zone at PKI. The whole face down, flying straight into the ground was awesome. By the way, I came off the ride with no, manly, discomfort. Quite possibly the very best freefall ride i've ever been on.

Overall I gave the park a (4). A nice selection of rides and coasters. Friendly staff. Decently clean pathways. And possibly the very best Gotham City in the SF chain.

Coasterman Mike.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002 5:08 PM
Acrophobia sounds awesome. Batjunk and



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