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Yet another park that I had no idea what it was all about. I personally found this park, quite possibly the worst park I have ever been too. Absolutely terrible operations, very unfriendly employees, trash everywhere, and the biggest collection of lackluster rides in the whole freak'in world. So as much as I don't want to do this, i'll get on with the RRs...

Texas Cyclone (3) - Surprisingly smooth. However the trains never seemed to pick up any speed. The only decent ride of the day.

Batman: The Escape (1) - Rough. Hardly any forces at all. All around a boring ride. Also, the fact that the park closed off the only interesting part of the queue line, the most orginal queue line in all of Six Flags, really frustrated the heck out of me.

Ultra Twister - CLOSED

Viper (2) - Smooth ride but much like Batman, not alot to it.

Serpent (1) - Kiddie coaster that is almost impossible to find.

Texas Tornado - CLOSED

XLR8 (1) - Slow, unthrilling suspended coaster. Iron Dragon at CP is sadly enough better.

Greezed Lightnin' (2) - A fun shuttle loop but the experience was completely ruined when the ride ops REFUSED to dispatch the full train if the one single seat, which was empty, be filled. The train sat for 5 mins until someone finally gave in and filled it. This happened 2 more times while we were there. The employees were EXTREMELY rude about it as well making everyone inline feel like complete idiots.

Mayan Mindbender (1) - A ho hum ride through the dark. Very similar to Skull Mountain at SFGAdv.

Serial Thriller - Vekoma SLC + Extremely long line + One train operation = Joe and I agreeing that it's not worth the time of day.

Excalibur - Ride does not exist

The park also has the feel as if it has remained unchanged since the 1970s. Very disgusting. The theater that would be used for a water stunt show sat empty and used for what appeared to be years. The park itself is extremely confusing. The rides on the right side of the park open at 10:30 but the rides on the left half open at 11:00.

Overall I gave the park a (1) for being the worst park i've ever been too.

Coasterman Mike

Why will they not fix texas tornado/ Its been closed for what, 2 years now? It would be a great ride, probably the best in the park(if it has lapbars like all other schwazkapophs).
WOW! That is a *far* cry from the park I went to back only this May. Maybe the freakin' heat in Houston has made all the workers lose their minds, but they were above fantastic while I was there.

And you guys missed a treat on Ultra-Twister. That ride ROCKS! (even "T" likes that one =])

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B&M Rocks: They have been working on fixing Texas Tornado for a while now, Wieland Schwarzkopf isn't the best in the world for designing OTSR's, and it has OTSR's because of the fact that Six Flags Corporate, thinks that it is safer, since there are many supports that you could almost hit while on the ride, if there were just lapbars.

Yea, you really missed out on Ultra Twister, but the ride is a maintenance nightmare.

I do think that you can blame Arrow on why XLR-8 is bad. They played it safe on e design of the ride, and over the years with the addition of more suspendeds,Arrow wasn't playing it safe as much.

Ok, on the Greezed Lightnin rules, with the fact that the ride only has lapbars, no seat belts, or seat dividers, they cannot allow single riders. Although this is horrible, not much can be done about it, because it is pretty easy to get out of a Schwarzkopf lap bar. This same single rider policy also applies to Viper.

If you are talking about the part of the oringal queue for Batman: The Escape, where you would go through the mountain, that was taken out years ago, the structure is not safe, and probably should have fallen over by now, since the thing is so old.

Heh, what do you expect out of a park that gets treated horribly from Six Flags Corporate. If say, Fiesta Texas or Jazzland weren't owned by Six Flags, Astroworld would probably be in alot better condition, which is unfortunate that Six Flags is doing that. With the 4th largest city in the US, that Corporate would give Astroworld enough money to make the park look good, and have new rides.

Oh well...

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