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I myself had never been to PKD before but Joe had so I had a tour guide. Once again, I will use the 1-5 rating scale again. First up...

Hypersonic XLC (4) - WOW. What a launch. Never before have I ever felt like my face would peel right off. And the airtime at the top of the first hill is awesome. However, the only drawback of the ride is that its so quick. Basically, as GregLeg would put it, a one trick pony. Nonetheless, a terrific ride.

Hurler (3) - Another good woodie. Nothing outstanding though. Air and laterals.

Ricochet (2) - I was hoping, since it was one of the newest mice out there, that it would be something worth while. But sadly it ended up just like all the others.

Rebel Yell (2) - A good racing coaster but once the other train got ahead of you, it was all over. Quite possibly the only draw back of this type of racer. Overall, both sides delievered decent rides but nothing great.

Shockwave (3) - Why is it that the only good kind of coasters Togo can make are stand-ups? Oh well. Much like the famed PKI version, this one pretty much delivers the same ride. Nice and smooth with a decent amount of airtime.

Grizzly (3) - Good ride through the forest. It was nice to see that the park let the trees grow in as much as possible. This made for a nice surprise around every corner. The surprise in the tunnel is lots of fun as well.

Anaconda (3) - One of the better Arrow Loopers. I began to wonder what the ride would've been like before the mid-course was turned on to complete stop mode. The water effect going into and out of the tunnel is very unique. Something I haven't seen before.

Flight of Fear (4) - Almost exactly like PKI's version with the exception of the HARD mid-course, which completely boggles my mind. The whole alien space ship thing is very cool. PKD's version did have the sound effects on while on the ride which was a nice bonus.

Volcano: The Blast Coaster (5) - Simply awesome. Two very powerful launches. One extremely tall inversion through a volcano. And three more very odd in-line twists. Hands down my favorite of the park. Oh ya SFOJulie, i've got to get you to come ride this ride.

Avalanche (2) - An alright ride with a strange vibration to it. The whole bobsled theme held its own.

Taxi Jam (2) - Kiddie coaster.

Ghoster Coaster (3) - I never realized a ride that is as small as it is could have so much airtime. Definitely one of my favorite kiddie coasters.

I found the park to be very clean. Plenty of shade to keep cool. Overall I gave the park a (4).

Coasterman Mike

Total coaster count: 20

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For Taxi Jam did they just let you ride or did you get a kid. Did you get teh front seat on Volcano or Hypersonic?


For Taxi Jam, you must have a kid to ride with. We just kinda stuck around for a kid to ride with. We always ask for premission from either the parent or the kid. We never force our way on.

We did ride front seat on Volcano. Definitely worth the wait. We rode all the other rows on Hypersonic expect front. The wait was ungodly long.

Coasterman Mike

I thought PKD has almost zero shade, mostly when you get tord the Shockwave, all the way toa little past Grizzly, then it was shaded in other sections ,but still some pockets here,and there.

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