The Trip - PC 8/1

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To us, nothing really stood out. We had heard good things about Top Gun but that was mainly it. Sadly, this is how our day would go.

With a limited amount of time at the park, we knew we would only have enough time to ride all the coasters and maybe one of them twice. We had to drive from the park to Atlanta so time wasn't on our side. Thankfully, though it was thursday, the crowds were still light. First up...

Flying Super Saturator (3) - All around, a fun ride. If you haven't ridden it yet, try to imagine a coaster with water cannons going off all over the place and all you see is water. That's basically what this ride is. People shooting from the ground with water guns and water cannons. Then each car dumping about 10 gallons of water. I still like Roller Soaker more.

Top Gun: The Jet Coaster (5) - By far the best coaster in the park. Very Montesque.(SP?) Not to short and not very long. But just long enough to satisfy the coaster nuts. The Zero-G Roll is quite nice. Quick and disorienting. I might add this was Joe's 200th coaster. Congrads!

Thunder Road (2) - A nice racing coaster but much like Rebel Yell, once your losing, you've lost. The ride also doesn't deliver very much air.

Hurler (3) - Much more rough, even in the front seat, then PKD's version. But the ride did deliver a ton more air on each of the hills.

Carolina Cyclone (3) - Slightly thrilling but more painful then anything when entering the corkscrews. The teny, tiny trains didn't help either.

Ricochet (2) - Yet another mouse with not much to talk about. Almost identical to PKD's mouse.

Gold Rusher (1) - Slow and boring. The word, "ouch" was said more then anything else.

Vortex (3) - The most amusing part of this ride is after all the guests exit the train. The operator resets the chairs and all of them shoot into the air all at once. Something I had never seen before. As for the ride, definitely fun but not very intense. Stand-ups like Mantis and Chang just have that height that Vortex doesn't.

Ghoster Coaster (2) - There was air in the back seat but not as much as the other clones. But hey, its a kiddie coaster. It shouldn't have real powerful airtime anyway.

Taxi Jam (1) - Kiddie coaster with a custom track. For some strange reason, the operator didn't care about the "must ride with a child" rule. Oh well.

For some strange reason, the park didn't feel like a Paramount park. There was no large fountain entrance nor the usual Effiel Tower. Oh well. Overall I gave the park a respectable: (4) I would hate to see this place on a busy day.

Coasterman Mike

Total coaster count: 36

Cool TR! BTW only PKI and PKD had the foutains with the Effiel Tower, but PGA and PCW have large foutain pools. It's great you got so many laps!

See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!

Yeah, on Riddler's Revenge all the chairs shoot up at once as well. I always whince when I see and hear that, because I wonder what would happen if one was standing over one of the chairs when that happened....OUCH. Anyway, good trip report. Looking forward to the rest!

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