The Trip - JL and DL 8/3

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Let me start off by informing all of you that if you own a 2002 Six Flags Season Pass, that very same pass is good at Jazzland. Simply walk up to the Guest Service window to your far right. Show your pass to whoever may be sitting there and you should gain addmission for nothing. If this doesn't work then I don't know what to say. It worked for me. Moving on..

Jazzland is a very interesting place. I personally found the Mardi Gras theme to be well done. The very colorful signs really do add to the atmosphere. With the park being one giant circle, navigation is simple. On to the rides...

Zydeco Scream (2) - Sigh. Another Vekoma Standard Boomerang. Credit.

Muskrat Scrambler (1) - Sigh. Yet another unthrilling mouse. Credit.

Rex's Rail Runner (1) - Fun little kiddie coaster with no annoying, "Must have a child to ride" rule.

... here's where my hatred for G-Trains takes a turn for the worst...

Mega Zeph (5) - This ride would be a top ten coaster if it wasn't for those uncomfortable, rough, and unpadded trains. They are simply know to me as G-Trains. MZ has an outstanding layout, IMO. A great first drop with a turnaround that produces strong lateral Gs. There is also trick track and a impressive helix. Not to be left out is an outstanding amount of bunny hops throughout the course. But G-Trains have ruined this ride. The bars constrict any vertical movement. The trains have a terrible shimmy around each turn. All around, a great coaster underneath these horrid trains.

The way I see it, JL has a ton of potential. There is a great atmosphere that could be further developed but not by adding Batman or Superman rides. SF has enough of those. But adding new names and not the same old ones. Overall I gave the park a (4). I hope the park will have future success.

Dixie Landin'

Not much can be said about this place. Its a small family park with a few exciting rides and a water park. Definitely not what our trip was. But we just happen to drive past it without knowing it was even there and quickly decided to stop and see what was there.

Ragin' Cajun (2) - Standard Vekoma Boomerang. Personally I could've thought of a better way to spend the 6 million it cost to build one of these. :cough::CCI::cough: (yes, they did exist at the time)

Galaxi (3) - Fun little coaster. It had a few spots of air. Good time.

There were a few other rides there but by the time we had completed the coasters, the park was closing so we left. So from the 2 hours I was there and from what I could gather at first glance of the park, I gave it a overall rating of (3) for being a nice family park with just enough things to do.

Coasterman Mike

Glad to hear Jazzland was good! That Galaxi is probibly the model of coaster created by Anton.

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