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Going into Busch Gardens Williamsburg, I knew that they themed their rides but I had no idea just how far they went. Boy, was I surprised.

The entrance plaza for BGW is wonderfully done. Lots of shops, food stands, and stores to visit. Along with Pirates 4D, you have a complete package for an already, meaningful visit.

It was brought up in an earlier TR that how well Busch hides just how small the park is. Well, after my visit, I completely agree with that statement. Busch managed to make all the buildings just tall enough so you can't see over them and they are just wide enough so you can't see around them. Then the park also planted trees and bushes in just the right places so that you seem to walk forever.(which in fact is true because the pathways wind back and forth.

The theming for the different eras or periods in time are wonderfully done. I especially enjoyed the Italy theme which reminded me alot of the Lost Continent at Islands of Adventure. I must also point out that though I spent very little time in the Ireland section, I must comment how great of a job they have done with that area. Job well done. Now, onto what ya'll really came for... coasters! First up...

Loch Ness Monster (4) - I usually have very little faith when it comes to Arrow and their loopers but Nessie more then made up for it. With a very nice interlocking loop and a special surprise in the tunnel ;), the ride seemed much more complete then other Arrows. Of course the kick butt theming helped out alot.

Apollo's Chariot (5) - If you know me, you know i'm not a big fan of B&M airtime time. The floaty sensation just didn't always do it for me. Apollo sure did turn me around. The back seat is the place to be on this ride. Airtime all the way down the first three hills and thankfully the trim on the third hill was on light. The helix wasn't as powerful as Nitro's but still delivered some nice strong Gs. And the return trip home has alot of varied in height hills which was much better then the same height hill that just gets smaller. Definitely a ride I look forward to riding during ERT at CoasterCon XXVI.

Big Bad Wolf (3) - Orginally I wanted to give this ride a (4) but after realizing just how much the trims killed this ride. What was to be the most thrilling part of the ride came to three sudden stops and a nice long dragging sensation. The first half of the ride is awesome. The journey through the town is something other suspended coasters don't offer. But, after the second hill, the ride just seemed to be so-so. I wish I had been able to ride Wolf before the trims. What a wonderful ride it musta been.

Wilde- Maus (2) - Though our ride was light on the trims, it still delivered yet another so-so ride on yet another mouse. Fun for the kids but not so great for those of us who seek the real thrilling rides. Such as...

Alpengeist (5) - Sure this ride may vibrate. Sure it may actually have headbanging. But if you sit in very front row, not only do you get more then an eyeful of visuals but you also get a very intense and very smooth ride. I thought the ride was very well done. Snow in the 90 degree heat is alittle odd but also kinda funny. Great ride.

Great scenery. Great staff. Great food. Simply a great park. Overall I gave this park a: (5) Definitely a park I look forward to going back to.

Coasterman Mike

Total coaster count: 25

Ah BGW will I get thier some day? Glad you did!

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I enjoyed it as well last year. Im the same way with Beemer Speed coasters. They just don't do it for me. But I've only ridden Apollo's so...oh well. Still a great ride there. That park is awesome.

Top 5:
5)Raptor 4) Goliath 3) Sros @Sfdl 2) Ghostrider 1) Millennium Force
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