The Sleepy Kangaroo 11/1/08

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008 7:22 PM

I never ever thought in my lifetime I would see Kennywood open inNovember. Never. So I went. I guess also it was the first time in manymoons I have been at KP's last day of the season. The first thing tracer lights on the coaster. Outstanding.

I arrived about 930pm, and there were still people at the gates. Muchmuch fog in the tunnel, and in I went. First stop was the Jack Rabbit.Great as usual.9/10. 2 trains, 15 minute wait. Then over to meet someriders for Phantoms Revenge. Longest line I have seen since theopening. PR, according to my theory, is that ridership is sliding abit, and with teens at Fright Nights, PR is busier than a normal day.9.5/10. Intense is the magic word this late at night. They need to addsome heavy fog on the first and second drop for next year.

Then to Thunderbolt after a stroll through Gory Park. Its still okay.Thunderbolt was a bit rough, and had a 5 minute wait with 2 trains.9.5/10. Just a tad rough. Very enjoyable. Then back across to Racer, 2trains (ha ha) and a 2 cycle wait. 9.5/10. One more ride on the JR, andthen a ride on the Kangaroo. No wait. 8/10. I love the differentcolored lights.

Then a 30 minute wait for Mortern Manor. Its a good walk through, butit should be darker. 7/10. After that it was about 1am, and I strolledtowards the entrance. There was a midget (bonus points) dressed as aclown, getting lippy with guests. I am thinking he worked there, and asthe park has 'no firearms' clearly posted, he would see another PhantomFrightnight. Overall visit.....9/10.

Thursday, November 6, 2008 11:38 PM
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I was there that night as well. Great weather! I also caught a ride on the 'Roo which was sporting a (new?) "Boing!" sound effect I don't recall ever hearing before. Fun stuff.

Phantom's Revenge has grown to be my favorite steel coaster now, even beating out Supes at SFNE. The combination of the ejector air, non-stop intensity and freedom to move around in the seat (not stapled by an Intamin contraption) makes this ride the steel equivalent to Voyage for me. Nothing but fun!

I still absolutely love the Thunderbolt and the rest of the woodies there. And Exterminator in total darkness is SOOO disorienting!

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf


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