The roach eating has begun.

Despite the whackjobs known as PETA protesting and a couple other SF parks backing out of it, SFGAm has started the roach eating today.

Quite a crowd surrounded the stage as brave men and even some women chowed down on the 3 inch hissing bugs. The time that I watched it, everyone was able to consume the whole roach without puking. Just like Fearfactor, they had to open their mouths to the host and stick the tongue out.

Each contestant after consuming was given a bottle of water and a Flashpass.

They even had to EMT's on hand with a wheelchair just incase.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Do you think they "disinfect" the roaches in some way before they have the guests eat them?

I have no idea...


That started at SFoT last weekend, but according to what I heard, they were only allowing people to skip the Titan line, so it really wasn't even worth it.

18 wheels, and they all missed
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If Shapiro eats a cockroach I'll buy a 2007 annual pass!
@Matthew Engel:
According to news reports that I've read, SFGAm will let you use your 4 Flash Passes on any ride you want all month
Well that's just SFGAm not SFoT. On SFoT's website it said that anyone willing to eat a roach could skip the Titan line, but didn't mention skipping anyother line.

18 wheels, and they all missed
My coworkers went to SFGAdv last Sunday, and the one guy ate 2 roaches. They went to the front of Kingda Ka's line and then the front of El Toro's line. He said they weren't bad.

SFGAdv lover said:
He said they weren't bad.

The roaches or the rides?

So how much is SF charging for these roaches?
If I'm on Fear Factor and I have a chance to win ten thousand dollars, I can see the logic of eating a live, hissing cockroach. But given the choice of eating a cockroach or buying a Q-Bot so I can get on a ride, the Q-Bot sounds like a pretty good deal. Bravo Shapiro on your well deserved raise.
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I am wondering, Did anyone here on Coasterbuzz eat Roaches to get the line passes?

Chris Knight

Mamoosh said:
If Shapiro eats a cockroach I'll buy a 2007 annual pass!

Best concept ever!

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