The return of the LSM launch...

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Of note since previous installations five years ago:
Launch speeds below 60mph...
Shorter trains, fewer riders...partially offset by...
Smaller parks (presumably not quite as expensive as the Disney installations, but Lagoon's *is* listed at $10M)...
Flexibility in application - Lagoon's Wicked has a vertical tower-launch, while Drievliet's Formule X has a maximum height of 15m...

Just thought it was kinda cool that a technology which appeared to have been surpassed has made a me hope for myself! ;)

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Maverick is also LSM.
Interesting that RCDB hasn't listed Maverick's Lift/Launch system there yet.

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I'm probably wrong, but I could have sworn that Rockin Roller Coaster switched to something more allong the lines with Accelerator launches. Last time I rode it I could have sworn there was a catch car and everything.

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Rock n Roller Coaster at both Disney parks and the ex Superman: The Ride, now Xpress at Walibi World always used the catch car. What's interesting is that the rare earth magnets are mounted on the catch car itself. The most shocking thing is that Vekoma got that launch system right! Rock n Roller Coaster at WDW opened without a single problem and the system in itself doesn't require a lot of maintenance. I think WDW only close Rock n Roller Coaster 2-3 weeks a week.

WDW also experimented with the ride, adding magnetic brakes to the final brake run and even trying to run 5 trains on it at once! Unfortunately, it proved too much for the ride and so, WDW is back to running 4 trains on it. They also upgraded the ride system, allowing maintenance to remove and add trains by only typing a code!

Rock n Roller Coaster seemed like it used LSM. The sound is clearly LSMs.
Is there a difference between the sound of LIMs and LSM? I mean in a difference in pitch, roar, groan, or other sound qualities?
I think, I could be wrong, but I think LSMs makes a "screaming" noice, and LIMs make a "vroom" noise.

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I'm pretty sure they both make some kind of screeching sound, but what I meant was mostly the fact that the sound from Rock 'n' Roller Coaster was not a cable system.

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