The remnants of Cypress Gardens....

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On a trip to NJ earlier this year during the awesome Seaside Screams event, I saw Casino Pier's tilt-a-whirl atsporting some nice Cypress Gardens logos. I knew the Fiesta Express had found a new home at a smaller park in NJ, but just now found out that DippieDoe Familiepark in The Netherlands is getting the Vekoma junior invert. Oddly, the Rollerskater (a good Vekoma family ride) as well as the spinning mouse, remain unsold apparently. The woodies are more understandable - although Starliner was running better than most any other John Allens left while it ran at Cypress.

Anyone know of the whereabouts of any of the other flats (most specifically the TechnoJump, Disk'O, drop tower), etc? It really was quite a cool little park that was just in the wrong place...sure do hope the Lego people don't seriously consider the Winter Haven location.

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I think a few of the kiddie rides went with the Fiesta Express Coaster to Gillian's Funland. I can't 100% confirm it though since they don't have a website (Gillian's site only has the Ocean City park rides list).

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