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And here we go,

I have been planning my trip to cedar point for this year since TTD was announced. I haven't been since 2001 because i live in Chicago. Anyway My trip was originally scheduled for the 10th of may but i had some conflicts with family issues so it was pushed back to around the 30th or so of may. That was post-poned because TTD was down and well it was the entire point of this trip. So i reschedule for the 27th of june. Well guess what goes down again. Finally I set a fixed date on the 12th of july and i'm now going no matter what. So on the morning of the 12th at 4 am i get all my crap together put it in the car and decide to check TTD's status. Boot up the computer log onto AOL and boom, TTD is not scheduled to be in operation today. Boy i was pissed but oh well.

So i drive to Sandusky and arrive at the park around 10:30 or so. Got out of the car walk up to the gate and the happiest sign ever is there. Top Thrill Dragster WILL be open later today. I was now in a really good mood. So i walk into the park and it looks deserted (not complaning). I guess crowds don't build up at Cedar Point till after noon. Anyway first thing we did was Wicked Twister with a 5 minute wait for row 3. Fun ride that back tower freaked me out cause i have only ridden V2 and S:UE. Next was Disaster Transport. We paid the extra buck for the "3D" glasses. I have ridden it before so i thought it may be fun. We waited about 2 minutes. Now the either the 3D effects do not exist or i am blind. Not that great with the3D glasses.

Moving right along. It was about this time when i say to my friend "hey lets check out TTD". We walk over to TTD but get side tracked by power-tower. 5 min wait for the Up side. Well when we get off Power-Tower we see many many ride ops in TTD's station so we jump into the line that was spilling back to iron dragons finale over the lake. We stood in the line for 2 hours before a test run was attempted. The purple train launches and to the cheers of the crowd starts to chug up the tower. Then it rolls backwards and stops. I thought it would happen but meh. Another 30-40 minutes later they launch it again and the same thing happens. But this time they were able to get it re-launched in like 5 or 6 minutes. Finally it makes it over and they open the ride. I was so excited and the screams of passengers on the first trains got my heart pumping even more. We waited appx.3 hours and 15 minutes (including the time before it opened) for the back row. After that ride we had to do it again.

My friend and I went to ACE's No coaster con in january where cedar point gave everyone in attendance a Exit pass for any ride in the park for their support. So immediatly after riding it for the first time we do it again. with the pass we waited for the front row about 30 minutes. The front row is AWESOME. Your eyes just swell up with tears as you launch. In any other seat on the ride you feel the launch but in the front you truley feel the awesome power that is TTD.

Anyway I must be brief on the rest of the details but here are some other notable events.

Wicked twister 2 times- 1st 5 minute wait row 3. 2nd 5 minute wait for back row.

Raptor once-row 3 30 minute wait.

Mantis once- 10 minute wait.

Millennium Force 2 times- Back row 1 1/2 front row 1 45 minutes. When we rode it in the front row it was in 2 train for mechanical reasons. But when we actually get to the airgate for the front they put the yellow train back on. And when we end the ride and are waiting on the Brake run they take the blue train out. Kinda a drag to have to wait but it was cool to see the intamin transfer track hard at work.

Mean Streak 2 times- 6 minute wait (or walk) for 3 from the back. And 6 minute wait for the front.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride once- 10 minute wait for back row. We actually got stuck on the lift for 20 seconds or so.

Gemini 2 times- Blue in the middle about 5 minutes, Red in the back about 2 minutes.

Corkscrew once- 1 minute wait for the back.

Magnum XL-200 3 times- 15 minute wait for the back. 10 minute wait for the front. 9 minute wait for row 1-3.

Blue Streak once- 5 minute wait for row 2.

iron dragon once- 3 minute wait.

Wild Cat once- 20 minute wait for the front ;-)

Power Tower Twice- Both times Up and about 10 minute wait the second time.

and Top Thrill Dragster a whopping total of 4 times in one day. This ride at night is SPECTACULAR!!!

Overall the trip was good except for the exploits of a friend. Cedar Point Keep up the good work and see ya next year. Peace.
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