The quest for 200 - Lakemont Park 7/11

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We left the Cincinnati area about 8:20 and were on our way.

We had no clue we were going to go to Lakemont until we got there. We decided since we made it to Pittsburgh in less than 4 hours (which is really good, and yes I was breaking the speed limit), we would stop at Lakemont (despite being stopped for 1/2 hour in traffic once in Pittsburgh).

We got to the park, paid our $7 for the wristband, and were on our way to the first coasters of the trip.

Toboggan #174 -

Going strait up the lift is cool, going down is ok, and the rest of the ride is rather painful. I rode one of these at a fair before, so I knew what to expect.

Leap the Dips #175 -

How cool is this experience as an enthusiast. The worlds oldest coaster, and its a side friction. Jumping the track is really cool. The anti rollback were really cool too.

We then hit up the train, which had a really weird layout.

Skyliner #176 -

They stole my damn idea. A coaster just beyond the wall of a baseball stadium. We talked to an enthusiast who was also riding the Skyliner (mmmm.... Skyline Chili). The coaster itself was surprisingly good. The first three hill in the back were really good, great airtime. Coming up the second hill in the front had great airtime as well. After four rides it was on to the next.

Little Leaper #177 -

Hey, I'm a credit whore.

We went back to Leap the Dips but it was closed. I then road the ferris wheel type ride where you steer which way you go (left or right, upside down) and it was the most painful moment of my life.

We left, then stopped at State College to see Beaver Stadium, and were on our way to our hotel in Enfield, Ct. I bet you can't guess what the next two parks we were going to hit up were. If you dont know stay tuned for four more trip reports.

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The coaster itself was surprisingly good.

Just about everyone I talk to (myself included) uses almost those exact words to describe Skyliner. :)

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