The President Is Doing Something About Gas Prices - Six Flags President Mark Shapiro, That Is

Monday, May 8, 2006 1:52 PM
Looks like SF wants to atleast try and help with gas prices.

Monday, May 8, 2006 2:01 PM
That's kind of if he would offer free parking all season that would be better!
Monday, May 8, 2006 2:03 PM
^My thoughts exactly, if they want to help with gas prices then just offer free parking!
Monday, May 8, 2006 2:11 PM
$15 off per person up to six people? That saves a family up to $90. That ain't too shabby.

Smart idea if for no other reason that the press that is going to get seeing as gas is the topic du jour.

Monday, May 8, 2006 2:30 PM
Aha! Now I might see the wisdom of his ways. By jacking up admission prices, he can get all kinds of free publicity by offering discounts. Probably a really good idea. With all the gasoline hype right now,he gets quite a bit of exposure on this.

Mind you I'm not complaining about "jacking" up admission. The parks were giving away the gate for a long time. But now there's a lot of opportunity for offering "dicounts" which make people feel like they are practically getting something for free. Almost brings out the impulse buyer in us.

Heck, I find myself doing that at the grocery store all the time.

Monday, May 8, 2006 4:26 PM
And hope that people say, wow, we have $90 extra dollars to spend in the park!
Monday, May 8, 2006 4:38 PM
I don't know about the rest of the parks, but, at SFA parking is $15, bring a receipt and you'll save $15 on a g.a. ticket. Sounds like your getting your parking back and saving more if there is more than one person in your party. *** Edited 5/8/2006 8:40:17 PM UTC by coasterguts***
Monday, May 8, 2006 4:41 PM
If you really look at it though, it's only a *five* dollar discount per person because they already offer *ten* dollars off if you use their website. Still, up to a 30 dollar discount is still 30 dollars. You just have to stand in line for tickets (something I now hate to do).
Monday, May 8, 2006 4:48 PM
Usually discounting starts because of low attendance. It's kind of early for this sort of thing, but maybe Six Flags has found out that the market is more elastic than they thought, and the high ticket prices in certain markets are keeping people away.
Monday, May 8, 2006 5:06 PM
No, I think this is a result of the doom and gloom that the media has been concentrating on and Six Flags is <gasp> planning ahead.

I can't believe I just said that.

Monday, May 8, 2006 5:33 PM
Think this will work at laronde next weekend?
>> I'd call them up, but i don't know french :-P

nevermind, answered my own question.

13 Six Flags-branded parks in the US

// alan j *** Edited 5/8/2006 9:35:34 PM UTC by SFDL_Dude***

Monday, May 8, 2006 5:49 PM
So like, you forget your coke cans, or coupons, and you pull into Great Adventure, gas up, and save $90. Good times.

Monday, May 8, 2006 5:50 PM
I see this as some of the most well-timed CREATIVE marketeering I've seen in a LONG time...there *is* a new sheriff in town. On this move alone, I could foresee a bump in the stock price...these amusement park things work REALLY well when you fill up the park with people... ;)
Monday, May 8, 2006 5:54 PM
I love how the headline rips off the joke that's in the lead, and the lead rips off the joke that's in the text. Nice faux journalism there.
Monday, May 8, 2006 7:45 PM
Bleh, it would still cost me $60 in gas to get to and back from my nearest Six Flags park since they shut down Houston.
Monday, May 8, 2006 9:01 PM
Anything to do with any type of "Gas Discount" is great timing right now (despite how much ACTUAL savings there really is versus cans of Coke or internet sales, etc). And, yes, it will boost attendance. Any of you from Ohio and PA know the huge success of Giant Eagle's "Fuel Perks". Hell, people are buying goods they KNOW are overpriced at Giant Eagle just to get the gas discount.
Monday, May 8, 2006 11:40 PM
I knew it was attendance. Six Flags first quarter attendance was 1.5 million in 2005 and 1.15 million in 2006.
Monday, May 8, 2006 11:42 PM
I found an old receipt from last year... wonder if that would work. It does say ANY receipt.
Tuesday, May 9, 2006 8:25 AM
The discount more likely brought on cause high gas prices affect Six Flags Biz.

Just as they say, People won't be flying or driving far which also means they won't travel a few hours or a day to visit a SF park. So they need to pull out the old discounts to draw more people in.

Sure it looks like Shapiro is doing us a favor but it is more for SF bottom line.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006 8:31 AM

Pete said:
I knew it was attendance. Six Flags first quarter attendance was 1.5 million in 2005 and 1.15 million in 2006.

You forgot to mention the 19 less operating days and the fact that Mexico passed a law that field trips has to be to museum's or zoos, not amusement parks. In the end, that cost SFM a drop in attendance of about 100,000 visits.


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