The Po!nt Aug 4th and 5th: Part 1

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This is my story about my birthday trip to Cedar Point Aug 4th and 5th.

Me, my mother, my little sister, and two friends left for CP around 8 Sunday morning from Columbus, Ohio. We arrived exactly at 10:00, but we had to settle some things out in the Hotel Breakers parking lot. 5 minutes later, we left to go in by the Magnum entrance. You can already guess what are first ride was; yep, good old Magnum. We only waited about 5 minutes for the middle of the train, but it still had tons of airtime and a smooth ride.

After that, we pondered about Millennium Force. We had seen the line while driving to the Breakers and ruled that out until later that day. It already had the queue line filled. Anyways, after this, we went over to to Chaos and Trioka. Just fun, nothing extremely thrilling.

After this, we went over to Wicked Twister. We waited about 20 minutes for it and got on in the second to back seat. The launch was rather lackluster in my case, because I thought it would be faster. It was still ok, because the rest of the ride made up for it. The nd trip on the back spike was trully awesome, and made me afraid I was going to get my legs cut off by the supports. It was a very fun ride, and the 2nd to back was my favorite seat overall.

After WT, we went over to DT and waited about 20 minutes for it. It was ok, but the new paint inside looks rather strange. Especially the hand prints. Whjat again does that have to do with the ride?

After this, we headed back over to our Breakers hotel room, which was so perfectly on the first floor with the lazy river in view. We ate lunch at the hotel and then got on our swimming suits for Soak City. (BTW, We had Ride&Slide tickets) It was very crowded and seemed small to me. The slides looked awesome, but they all had really long lines that didn't loook worth it. I just stayed in the wave pool the whole time.

At around 5:00 PM, we decided it was time to go back to the regular park. WE went in and got dressed, and took the entrance by WT. Since it was right there, we rode WT ince again in the same seat. Still very awesome. Since we had time to kill, we went the Gemini. The ride is still fun and smooth. They were racing the trains and people did want to slap hands!

After this, we went to the Midway Market to eat dinner. It was pretty good, and I was stuffed when we left.

After we ate, we went over to the Raptor. We got in line with it having a short line. When we reached the stairs going up to the station, the people in front of us told us that the ride was closd because of an on coming thunderstorm with lightning. I was pretty angry, but I figured it would probably be a way to get people out of the park if the storm ended. It started really getting bad and people were rushing out of the park.

We stopped over at the Power Station to get some shelter. It was about 8:00 or so at the time. By 8:30, the rain had stopped but the storm hadn't passed. Thinking that we would be the only ones with this idea, we went over to MF to get in line for when it opened up again. Unfortunantly, the storm was still there with lots of lightning. WE just got out of line because it didn't look like it was going to end anytime soon. So, we stopped and got on some of the little flat rides that were open like the Matterhorn and the Super Himilaya.

By this time, I noticed that most of the rides were opening back up. So, me and my friend went towards the Raptor. The line was still lined up outside the bgate, because they weren't letting people in, but we waited for about 5 minutes and they let people in. We waited about 20 minutes to get in the station, and another 10 for the front. The ride was incredible at night in the front. It was so smooth and fast. The ride trully was better than any other seat, and it was worth the extra 10 minutes. It just has a weird queue for the front though.

After this, we went once more over to Wicked Twister. This time, they didn't let us choose where we wanted to sit and we got landed right in the middle. It was trully scary for me in that place, because of the twist going backwards on the front spike. It wasn't as good as the 2nd to back though, but it was still fun.

After that, we wen ton that weird little falt ride right by it. It can't spell it, but it looks German or Polish. It was kinda boring, but then again, we didn't wait at all for it. Aftter this, it being about 10:40 PM, we headed for the xit. We stopped at Magnum and rode it once more. I rode in the supposed money seat; 1-3 and found it to have a lot of airtime, but very rough. It was still fun though.

Once we were done for the day, we headed back to our hotel room.

Overall, the day was very fun. Yes, there was no Millennium Force, but I still had tomorrow and a title of a resort guest. I will release the secnond part of this TR later today or tomorrow. Thanks for reading it.

If you like Wicked Twister in the back, does that mean you like to get screwed in the rear?

Sounds like a great day. I had to wait 45 minutes for Magnum on A weekday. MF was only 1 hour though.


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