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Sunday, May 7, 2006 8:17 PM
I was at the point for opening day. Was the first person standing at main gate, an hour before they let people inside...

At 9:00 they let people inside the main gates, and people in the Joe Cool club, or workers from sister parks, could get into ride certain rides that were open. While my friends Cristian, Kristelle, and my dad waited for 9:30 to roll around, I went and caught 2 rides on Raptor.

For all the rides my scale is 1=I would not ride it ever again due to the fact it left marks on my body, 5-I may or may not ride again, it was okay, and 10-It was beyond words, it blew me away.

Raptor Front Seat-Waited about 2 trains, and had an awesome time. It was running slow, but I'm assuming that was due to the fact it was 45 degrees outside.
Raptor Back Seat-Raptor was FLYING! It was fun, but extremely cold.

Next we headed to the back of the park, with My cousins Kyle and Geoff, my aunt Sue and one of my cousins friends. We stand in line and wait for Magnum to open...
I wanted to ride it, but my dad, Cristian and others except Kristelle wanted to wait. So Kristelle and I board the First public train of the 2006 season. If you were there you would know what happened with the coaster, or you might have heard. Anyhow let me just say that Magnum has an excellent view from the top of the lift hill, and it's a 3 foot jump from the ride down to the braking block before you go into the station.
Magnum overall gets a 7/10, but the fact that I got to see the ground and lake from 5 different heights, gives it an extra 1.5 making the ride have an 8.5/10

TTD was not working off and on, and I didn't want to wait in a SUPER long line. I mean I was waiting and on the platform, but it was just taking to long for my liking.

Mantis was down, I don't know why, but it was down for most of the day.

The cold weather had ill effects on most, if not all the coasters. Nothing unsafe happened. Just a little unpredictible. There were a lot of people who were lucky and had rollbacks on TTD, unfortunately I wasn't one. :'(

I rode Skyhawk, and that is by far the BEST BEST BEST flat ride I have ever rode. It has everything, the stomach drops, the airtime, everything.

I also was crazy and went on Snake River Falls, and Thunder Canyon.
Snake River Falls-5/10
TC-6/10 just because I did not get wet at all...:P

Disaster Transport had NO lights on at all, well maybe a few, but it was awesome! 8/10

Wicked Twister-giving great rides as always. 8/10

Ocean Motion-sucked! It wasn't being run properly. I've been on many rides like that and I know something was wrong with it. 3/10

Corkscrew front seat-Arrow wasn't having a good day today. The front seat left a bruise on my right leg!
CS back-not as bad still banged up my head though. But I did get to watch fireworks from the lift, which was wicked cool.
Overall 1.5/10

Millenium amazing ride, which has a greater fear factor at night. The night ride was awesome with an ERIEE feel when looking at Lake Erie..:P

Overall the trip was good, the bad and the good balanced each other out, but the Johnny Rockets was a little poor with a service.

I still would want to work at one though. I was even out there dancing with the Johnny Rockets people. to the song "staying alive".

~~~~Coaster Lover~~~~~~~~~~

Monday, May 8, 2006 7:12 AM
coasterqueenTRN's avatar ^You mean people actually went to Cedar Point on opening day? ;-)

Just kidding. ;-)This was the first CP opening day I have missed in like 6 years, and I didn't even go to Holiday World either.

I suck. ;-)

Glad to hear you had a great time. I won't be visitng my Dragster until Coastermania. :-P


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