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Thursday, May 18, 2006 10:50 AM
I got home from school around 4 yesterday, and was bored. I don't like being home by myself. So after going to my regular site stops, I decided I'd take a drive out to Cedar Point.

I took me about an hour from my house to the parking lot, and I was in a pretty nice spot. Anyhow onto the rides.

MaXair-First ride of 2006. This ride is running better that I remember. Nice amounts of 0-g's and some good spots of airtime. This is definately one of my favorite rides.

Disaster Transport-This time they had the lift lights on, and the ride had NO lights on when we went through. The riders were carried off through a pitch black abyss. It was AWESOME!

Wicked Twister-I had to wait one train for the back seat. All I can say is this ride totally beats out Steel Venom. The view of the ground is amazing from the back seat.

Stopped and ate some food, then headed toward TTD, MF, and those rides.
As I was walking to TTD I ran into Steve(Steel Venom last Year), Julie(Steel Venom last year), and some guy they were with. Well anyhow I walked around the park for the rest of the evening with them.

We headed toward the water rides, but not before hopping on the Woodstock Express.

Woodstock Express-Except for the fact that I sat in the car right by the speaker, it was a fun ride. Oh and since there was no one in line, the Cedar Point employee let us ride AGAIN! :O

It had started to lightning just as we were passing Gemini, so we decided to hop on the train by Mean Streak and head toward the front of the park.

Train-I still like the boneville thing, nice themeing there, and it's pretty cool to ride the train and have the coaster tracks right over the train tracks. I haven't rode that train since I was like 10 or 11...

We got off the train and walked toward the front of the park.
We hit up the dodgems on the way to the front, and some employees who were visiting the park on their off day, kept line jumping. The employee at the dodgems saw them do this, and didn't do anything about it. Some days I do wonder what is the better park...moving on...

Steve was on a mission to buy 25 cent cotton candy, and he bought 4 sticks of it. Lol. He had 2 in each hand. I bought two as well, and had 2 in each hand.

Steve really wanted to ride Raptor, and it was still down when we passed it, but just as we were getting ready to head toward the main gate, and passing the Sky Ride, the lift for Raptor started, and a train was going up.

So Steve and I went and waited until they opened the que up for Raptor.

Raptor- I rode this ride 3 times, twice in a row. The Front Seat was really awesome, especially after the rain. The only part that sucked was being attacked by those midges.
Back Seat was even better, with the ride flying through the track. Steve and I were the only ones on the back seat ride.
Just as we were getting off the train, a SUPERVISOR asked if we were going to ride again, and let us get on again. Sweet. This time we sat in the middle, and it started to HEAVILY rain. If you've ever been on a coaster in the rain, then you know it feels like giant hail balls hitting your face.

That was the best 2 hours I've spent at Cedar Point. I can't believe I rode all that in 2 hours.

So this year so far the accomplishments/stuff to brag about include: First public train on Magnum of 2006, being stuck on a coaster lift hill 5 times, Double rides on Woodstock Express and Raptor, Riding Raptor in the rain, and being on the last train of the evening on Raptor, oh yeah and being the first person in line after Raptor re-opened.

I can tell that it's going to be a good year.

Next week when I get out of school, I am either driving to MiA, Dorney, or going back to Cedar Point. So keep looking for more TRs from Traveling Ellen.

~~~~Coaster Lover~~~~~~~~~~


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