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Sunday, May 16th:

On many prior visits to the home park, I froth at the mouth awaiting my laps on Raptor and the lot, but on this occasion, our attention turned to our niece and my parents.

Last summer, I promised my 8 year old niece that she needed a trip to the Point to ride and dance with Snoopy. My parents decided to come along and participate in the event that Caryn said, "Was the best day of [her] life." The journey also allowed me to see Cedar Point with a whole new perspective. After 40 minutes processing our passes, we drove to the back to enter the park under the Magnum. My parents haven't been to Cedar Point since 1988 and marveled at the skyline which has grown over the years.

Heading immediately to Camp Snoopy, Caryn needed a little thrill boosting of her own. I wanted to start her slow, not scaring her from bigger coasters and rides in the next 8 hours. Grandma took her on Jr. Gemini while we shot photos and heard the high pitched shriek which would be par for the course throught the day. The next big step was Woodstock Express which was my first lap on the family coaster. I have to give this coaster a HUGE thumbs up. Great little curves giving Caryn more confidence than I could anticipate. She bolted out of the exit and back into line for another lap. "A thrill seeker is born!" Thank goodness I took 3 Dramamine before the day, because she wanted me to ride with her on the Tilt-a-Whirl, the Swings and Bus Stop. "Eeeewwwhhh" I needed a rest. The rest included some hand slapping on the Gemini. For some reason, Gemini seemed sluggish, but delivered some good pops at the end and I always love the helix.

Now, with Caryn gaining confidence we headed to the Mine Ride. I haven't lapped the Mine Ride since I was 12. Well, after 5 laps and Caryn having a blast, we continued our trek to watch the big splashes of Snake River Falls. She and my parents have never seen this ride and now Caryn wanted to take a spin. After telling her that she would be wet for the rest of the day, she shrugged and headed back to her new found friend of Cedar Creek. Friends of Coasterbuzz, we laugh and make fun of the old Mine Ride, but when you see a little girl's face light up around the final helix, you- yourself become a kid again. After another spin, I took my mom and Caryn on Whitewater Landing. They both loved it! Now, with the confidence of the last hill, she's talking about MAGNUM?!?!?!?! {Would my sister be mad at me if I took her on that??}

After a great lunch at the new Gameday Grille, we headed for some Turnpike Cars and nauseating twists on the Calypso....not a great ride after a meal, I assure you. My wife and I took a spin on the "real" Streak while Caryn took another lap on the Turnpike. After the Blue Streak midway, I needed a release, a FIX, if you will. Grandma & Grandpa took Caryn for laps on the Trioka and Cedar Downs while my wife and I loaded up on "THE BOOG." What is going on with Raptor? Did they change the wheel assembly on my favorite ride? From the center of the park, you could hear it whining and screaming on the track, but not with the signature B&M roar that we's much, much louder. {Am I getting that old that my hearing is exiting this tired body?} The Ride ops were efficient, but slower than normal with a few stacking's, but we loaded with a smile in our favorite seats, back-right. GREAT RIDE....2:32 seconds of love.

We boarded the Sky Ride back to the middle while gaining outstanding views of the rides around us. Caryn and my parents loved this leisurely stroll down the Main Midway. The landscaping is 90% complete, void annuals, which will probably be planted in the next week, but the Midway, itself is gorgeous.

Caryn did not want to ride the Blue Streak, but hopped on the Wildcat without doubt and loved every second. On this ride, I rode a coaster with my father for the first time since the 70's. We had a blast together. He can't ride the big coasters anymore because of a triple by-pass 6 years ago, but joined us anyhow. He was a little flushed in the face after the lap, but had a huge smile on his face nevertheless. I gave him a huge hug with my mom and it was that family moment that you rarely get from a cook out.

Across the midway to Iron Dragon, where Caryn screamed louder than ever because of the un-natural course of the ride and the wild hill by the water after the 2nd lift. That is still a great ride, no matter what most adrenaline junkies will tell you. Caryn's smile was proof without the bottle. My wife and I did a Power Tower up with a 5 minute wait while Caryn visited the Himalaya. Then, the classic moment of the day: My parents were causing gridlock on the Dragster midway. My father was so enthralled with the mechanics of the ride that they stopped many times to gauk while patrons bumped into them, almost running them down. Hilarious! My father says that he could watch Raptor and Dragster run all day and get his money's worth. They couldn't believe the power of Dragster and thought that we ALL (even you guys) need our head's examined for boarding such a monster.

We finished the day with more laps on Jr. Gemini and Woodstock, plus a $5 treat of watching Caryn climb the Rock Wall. She did so well for an 8 year old climbing 3/4 of the way up before exhaustion and height took over. My wife and I took a quick spin on the Magnum before exiting in 1-3. My thighs are bruised today from the violent air on the way home! I'm thoroughly pleased that my wife's favorite ride is the Magnum or else I would have never fallen in love with it again last season. Just a great coaster after 15 years.

Overall, the weather was beautiful and the ride ops were perfect, especially in Camp Snoopy where they make your day begin with a smile. I have to hand it to them. It was a dreary day to begin with and ALL of the ops had smiles and worked hard to make our visit comfortable and enjoyable.

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Great TR! It's nice to get a different perspective instead of the boring & overused x/10 ratings.
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Great TR. Best one I've read yet. It's always great to see the joy of a child experiencing for the first time everything we have grown accustomed to. It makes you feel warm and tingly.
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My last trip to the Po!nt two years ago was taken with a 10 y.o., a 13 y.o. and a 15 y.o., all girls, my unofficial nieces, and I had the time of my life. I saw stuff and did stuff that I would have never done had they not been there. My find of that trip was Cedar Downs. We must have riden that thing into the ground during the day. We loved all getting into a row and racing. Sure they thought it was kinda lame but they still wanted another ride.

The two older girls went on everything up to Magnum so I had a little more coaster riding in my trip but there were still plenty of family moments to have . We had so much fun that they are not only going with me to Cedar Point this year during Labor Day weekend but they are also going to Valleyfair! with me in two weeks!

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My favorite trips are also with my kids---my daughter just crested 46", so we end up power-riding Distaster Dragon. Before I had kids, I'd never have guessed you can have so much fun without riding a "real" coaster.

Last season, my wife and I would head off on adventures in MI, IN, PA, & OH, but none of them were as fun as last Sunday. My niece was completely impressed by everything around her. My sister emailed me and said, she still hasn't stopped talking about it. I can't wait for the photos to come back. My sister will love the album I'm making for both of them. Some of the photos are priceless....if Wal-Mart doesn't fudge 'em up.

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Great TR. I don't have any kids, but have seen their excitement and it has taken me back in time. One time last year, I was following a car from NJ into the park and I could see the anticipation from the kids and then the excitement and thrill as the Cedar Point sky line came into view on the causeway. You did the right thing by holding off on Magnum. Next year she'll be ready. I'm the same way your father is, I could sit and watch TTD all day long. Not only is it an amazing ride, it is just incredible to watch.

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Very nice TR. I get to Cedar Point as often as possible for "serious coasting" but I do look forward to the annual family trip. Being the "Coaster Nut" in the family means all the smaller kids(nieces and nephews) want to ride the "Big Ones" with me, as if my (very limited) knowledge of the rides will somehow keep them from harm's way. I got them on Magnum and Mean Steak last year, and hopefully this season we'll be going "Full Force". They know that if they ride with Uncle Jeff he'll buy them the onride picture too. :)

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Thanks for taking me back to memory lane and the first time I took my son to Cedar Point.

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