The park of your dreams

Thursday, August 30, 2001 6:04 PM
You can can build a park from scratch with the following limits. your park can only open with five coasters, 2 water rides, 10 flat rides and 12 kids rides. What would be your picks and please tell how big your coasters would be. note(a racing coaster is only one coaster not two) Good luck who knows a future park could come using your ideas so make it happen.
Thursday, August 30, 2001 6:40 PM
I'll start it off 5 rollercoasters: hyper coaster, inverted coaster, terrian wooden, a floorless and a racing coaster. 2 water rides: log flume and a chute the falls. 10 flat rides: chaos, dodgem cars, monster, scrambler, hymalaya, frisbee, top spin, swings, ferris wheel and old car ride. 12 kids rides: carousel, kids coaster, cars, mini swing, 4x4 trucks, planes, train, tea cups, mini dodgem cars, bouncer ride, spinning bus and helicopter ride. Those are my choices what are yours???
Thursday, August 30, 2001 6:43 PM
hyper 240 feet  tall, invert 138 feet tall nine inversions, terrain 140 feet tall 5000 foot long, floorless 160 feet tall 6 inversions and racer 140 foot tall and 3000 foot long.
Saturday, September 1, 2001 9:53 AM
4 wood coasters a terian a racer a twister and an out and back, The fith would be a Intamin Hyper steel. or a Mr. Freeze.
Saturday, September 1, 2001 10:48 AM
Coasters: B&M Hyper, Wooden Terrain, Wooden Dueling, B&M Inverted, Vekoma Super Ivertigo. Hyper: 265ft tall 5,000 ft long. Terrain: 6'000 ft long. Dueling: 120ft high. 7'000ft long. Inverted: 140ft high 4'000ft long 6 inversions. Super Invertigo: Deja Vu clone. Flat rides: Swinging Inverter Ship, Frisbee, Giant Gravitron, srambler, bumper cars, himilaya, go karts, swings, one of those spinning UFO things, chaos. Kiddie rides: Miniture Train, frog hopper, kid's slides, helicopters, mini swings, car ride. Water rides: Rapids ride, Chute the falls ride.

Top Steel: Top Gun: The Jet Coaster Top Wood: Hurler

Formerly known as PCWHome

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Saturday, September 1, 2001 10:57 AM
Coasters: Intamin Hyper, Small CCI, Boomerang, Arrow sit-down with 6 inversions, and small B&M floorless.

Flat Rides: Swinging Inverter Ship, Frisbee, Haunted house, Scrambler, Gravitron(UFO), Inverter, Flying Eagles, Swings, Teacups, S&S Tower.

Kiddie Rides: Kiddie Train,  Kiddie Coaster, Kiddie Boat Ride, Kiddie Ferris Wheel, Kiddie Go-Karts, Kiddie Fun House, Kiddie Apples, Kiddie Log Flume, Kiddie Playground, Kiddie Scrambler, Kiddie Swing Swip, and Kiddie S&S tower.

Water Rides: 160ft. PP clone @ KBF, and Rapids Ride.

Ricochet: Bouncing to you in 2002, Only at King's Dominion!

Saturday, September 1, 2001 11:17 AM
Coasters: I would have a Hyper, Floorless, Impulse, Duelling Wooden Terrain Twisters, and a 4D. Hyper 282 ft high, 6400 ft long. Floorless 188 ft high, 5100 ft long, Impulse 200 ft high two spiraling spikes, with a loop in the middle, Duelling Wooden Terrain Twisters 7400 ft long each, 176 ft high. 4D 248 ft high, 5300 ft long.

Water Rides: A water coaster and a rapids ride something along the lines of Popeye. Water Coaster 120 ft high, 3 drops, one big drop of 120 ft, 4500 ft long. Rapids Ride 3300 ft long, 3 waterfalls, 4 sections of rapids, 1 tunnel, waterguns positioned on the side of the ride for people to soak riders, and a drop of 20 ft.

Flat Rides: Huss Jump, Huss Frisbee, Huss Twister, Buccaneer, Sky Coaster, S&S Space Shot/Turbo Drop, Turbo Force, Action Ride like Spiderman, Haunted House/Vekoma Mad House, and the traditional super fast scrambler.

Kiddie Rides: Frog Hopper, Interactive play area, airplanes, kiddie coaster- vekoma roller skater, zamperla ballon ride, ferris wheel, double story carousel, swings that are attached to a moving arm, boats, car rides, train ride, and a mini scrambler.

Nitro: The Most Explosive Coaster on the Planet explodes at Six Flags Great Adventure in 2001.


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