The "one two punch" at parks.

I was just curious if others have that special 2 kick butt rides right next to eachother that you could go back and forth for hours without alot of walking to the rest of the park and just enjoy your day.

For me, it's three parks that have a coaster and a Sally dark ride right next to eachother.

1. Six Flags St. Louis: Mr. Freeze and Scooby's Scary Swamp.

2. Holiday World: Voyage and Gobbler Getaway.

3. Indiana Beach: Cornball Express and Den of Lost Thieves.

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For me it is a one, two, three punch: Voyage, the free pop stand, and the bathroom. ;)

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Kings Island has Flight of Fear and Firehawk...but that's more like a "One-wait an hour-Two punch."


Not right next to each other, but at Knoebels, Phoenix and the Flyers aren't too far from each other. And Twister, for that matter, although it's nowhere near as iconic as the first two. Flying Turns will be right in the middle of them all when it opens. Unfortunately, the park's existing third hardcore enthusiast ride, the bumper cars, is across the park from the rest of them.

Tower of Terror and Rockin' Roller Coaster.

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Silverwood's Timber Terror and Tremors.

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Drop Zone (I still call it that) and Delirium! :)

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Cedar Downs and Cadillac Cars

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At Six Flags Over Texas, Batman - The Ride and Mr. Freeze make for a wicked combo. Six Flags Magic Mountain's Riddler's Revenge and and Batman - The Ride are another really good one.

Other examples, though not quite as epic as the two combos listed above, would be Anaconda/Avalanche at KD, and Great American Scream Machine/Superman Ultimate Flight at SFGAdv.

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Magnum and Top Thrill Dragster. Not sure if it counts, though. While they are both amazing and really close to each other, I would certainly not want to spend my day on just those two rides.

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SFGAm, Superman and the Dark Knight.


SFOG has Batman the Ride and Mindbender both two fun coasters right next to each other. I enjoy going back and forth between them. Then again they also have Goliath which is a great coaster in the middle of the park all by its lonesome.

Collin Aynes

1. X2/ Viper/ Tatsu. That must be one of the best "1,2,3 punches" out there.

2. Deja Vu/ Terminator Salvation

3. Riddler's Revenge/ Batman: TR

Although, I would never want to spend an entire day on just a few rides. I always try to ride every coaster.

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SFMMAddict said:
1. X2/ Viper/ Tatsu. That must be one of the best "1,2,3 punches" out there.

It is...if you're only considering parks west of the Colorado River, east of the Pacific Ocean, north of Buena Park, and south of Santa Barbara ;)

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SFGAm: Raging Bull and Viper. If you get there at opening you can usually get a couple quick rides on Bull and head over to Viper for another couple spins before the lines start getting long.

Hershey: Comet, Super Dooper Looper, and Great Bear are all pretty close to each other.

Knotts: Xcelerator and Supreme Scream

The Disney Studios Rockin Roller Coaster/Tower of Terror combo someone else mentioned is monster; probably one of the best on this list.

Certain victory.

Cedar Point-
Maverick and Sky Hawk
Maverick and Gemini

Kennywood has a few for me.

Phantoms Revenge/the Whip/Noah's Ark. They are basically all pretty close. I could throw exterminator in there too.

Resident Arrow Dynamics Whore

Rye: Dragon Coaster / Old Mill

Waldameer: RF2 / Wacky Shack

Kennywood: Auto Race / Thunderbolt

Worlds Of Fun: Patriot / Spinning Dragons

Silver Dollar City: Powder Keg / Fire in the Hole

Indiana Beach: Galixy / LoCoSuMo

Conneaut Lake Park Bluestreak / Bumper Cars

How has this list gone on and foregotten these sets:

Dollywood: Mystery Mine and Thunderhead
Holiday World: Raven and Legend

-Splash and BTMRR @ MK
-Hulk and Spiderman @ IOA
-(when it opens) Rip Rockit Ride It and Mummy @ UO
-Any racing/dueling coaster ;)

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Duelling Dragons for me. Still two of the best in Florida!

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