The non homeparks you visit the most?

Im interested in finding everyones taste and willingness to travel by asking what non homeparks you travel too the most?

Me, I litterally have PKI in my backyard but have not visited in two and a half years as my homepark.

Parks I visit often
HW. Was on a two a year visit schedual till 2003 misshap, Took three trips for four days there this year 167 miles

Kennywood, Been there 5 of the last 6 years 225 miles

Geauga about five visits in the last six years 170 miles

IB. 160 miles, Were taking two a year trips there as well

Knoebels 500 miles. Been there 3 times in 5 years and spent a total of 6 days in the park

As you can tell, Im a small park person visiting parks with lots to do and not long waits.

Where do you go often?


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That's an easy one for me. HW and IB are two parks that I visit every year.

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^ You forgot Knoebels! ;)

Of course, I consider IB, HW, KW, and KG to all be *homeparks* for me... :)

I also seem to make annual visits to KBF, and, for whatever reason (stupid friends!), SFMM... ;)

The only park I would say might fit this topic for me is my 3 hour drive a couple times a year to Knoebels. I am still on the I want to hit new to me parks stage of travel. But next year I will be going back to Kennywood, Cedar Point (3rd time in 5 years) and Holiday World during my two week vacation trek. And what's that event that just happened... I'll be back for it again ;)

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CP is our home park. Our kids are 6 and 8, and so Disney is a once-per-year visit as well (either Florida or California.)

Beyond that, I visit parks near my business trips (SFFT/SWSA this weekend for a trip to Austin), nearby where our "normal" family vacations take us. I generally don't visit other parks as destinations unto themselves.

I'm from Cleveland and PKI is (usually) my Home-away-from-home park with as many as 8 trips a few years ago.

I haven't been there yet this season, but I've driven past it on my way to HW three times.

I have gone to HW 2-3 times a year since 2003. Before that it was CP about 3 times a year. HW is about 800 miles for me and CP is about 720.
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I never really thought about it, but it looks like I go to Cedar Point (717 miles) every odd year, and Universal Orlando (463 miles) every even.

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Being from Chicago, SFGAm is my homepark and unlike Charles, I still visit my homepark often because even though it's a SF park and corporate, it is well run and satifies my steel thrills along with having that small park type woodie known as Viper.

Now onto the topic at hand:

The park I visit often that isnt the homepark is IB. Second would be SFKK. I also visited HW twice this season. Oh, and also visited PKI twice as well.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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Holiday World, SFGAm, SFStL, The Dells parks, Worlds of Fun, Indiana Beach

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I live in buffalo, and although SFDL is right around the corner, I have been to GL so many times the past few years that i've lost count.
I usually hit all the Florida parks every odd year in November, and some of the California parks the even years in January. I visit Cedar Point every year for Halloweekends, this year for Boo Buzz. I visit IB, Hw, and Kw every year. I also visit Sfog every year for the ace spring event which i think is one of the best events around. (Mind Bender rules!!)

Pki is also my home park.

Before Two Years Ago (lived in WI: ) CP
Last Year (Washington DC: ) BGE & HP, never visited SFA
This coming year (Toledo, OH: ) PKI, looking forward to using the Maxx Pass at this park as well as CP *** Edited 10/12/2006 5:48:58 PM UTC by Touchdown***

2022 Trips: WDW, Sea World San Diego & Orlando, CP, KI, BGW, Bay Beach, Canobie Lake, Universal Orlando

Last year, we hit SFNE (and Lake Compounce on the way home). That's about a 5 1/2 hour trip, and the last weekend in October, this will be the third time in a year to make that trip.

As you can tell from my list, I get out. A bit.

Of course, my home parks are (in this order) Hersheypark, Dutch Wonderland, Knoebels, Dorney Park, and SF Great Adventure. This year, I figure I've been to Hersheypark eight times, Dorney twice, Dutch Wonderland twice, Knoebels three times, and Great Adventure five (and for me, it comes down to convenience... and the fact I tried to get the credits at the New Jersey shore piers three times this year).

And I still don't the Batman side of Chiller! Just tear it down already.

12 hours driving to Beech Bend from Philly, and I've been there 3 times in the past 3 years. Twice this year. I'll be going again next season as well. Might just take the Vette next time, and do the Corvette Plant, and Museum while I'm in Bowling Green.
Nice trip and most boring drive ever CoasterPhan LOL

Chuck, who mentions fun spot is only about a hour off the path to IB but is only open thurs-sun, Great flyers and arrow shuttle loop though!

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From Pittsburgh we go to Busch Gardens Europe every spring for a weekend, usually Cedar Point once, the Florida parks, Universal especially when ever we can.

Hey Charles: I have to call you out on this. Did you stop visiting PKI because your precious Eagle Flyers got removed?

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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CP is my home park, but other parks I visit regularly are Michigan's Adventure, PKI and Holiday World. The longest drive, of course, is Holiday World, but it's entirely worth the 7 hour drive there and back.

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Chitown said:
Hey Charles: I have to call you out on this. Did you stop visiting PKI because your precious Eagle Flyers got removed?

Not entirly the only reason, The park just got old to me and my taste dictate the smaller parks with much just as much to do (Not necessarly coasters) However PKI having flyers would definately guarantee me returning. (See it as you want)

I have visited strickers grove both times this year and would go this sunday if I could get off and yes thats mainly because they have flyers.

It was funny, I said in the phlyer line at Knoebels PPP that PKI sucks because they removed the flyers and got a huge laugh.

Nope, I've visited HW 3 times for four days, Two days at Strickers, 1 at Kennywood, fun spot, IB, idlewild and SFKK this year and still don't miss my 15 visits to PKI each year. (Let me rephase that) I miss my fifteen flyer get to gethers each year but not the park and it's other rides.

The question was, Whats your favorite non homeparks? and it's a legit question. Nothing wrong with saying you visit your homepark.


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