The Myrtle beach, Pavilion & Famliy Kingdom Trip!!

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I went to Famliy Kingdom first,

while there I rode thw woodie there and the woodie was better than i thought, I only rode it once but it was worth it, I rode other ride too, but thats beside the point. the next day i went to the Pavilion.

The Woodie was awseme i got off the coasterand my left leg was numb for a little while but got better real fast my neck was sore but not bad at all, i recomend everybody to go to the pavilion befor the proposed closing down of the park, while there i got to ask why the park was closing down, and what be in its place? well they said that the park was realy old, and after the park closes down a tron dwon it will be parking lote for a hotel, when i heard that i was dissapointed that a great park would be a parking next year, but they did say that myrtle beach will be getting a brand new theme park in the near future they said it would a hard rock theme park, said it would be opened near the hard rock cafe. i had a great trip i hope to again real soon..
I hope this new info answers your questions.

I would hardly call this new info. The Hard Rock Park has been announced/plan for quite a while now.
so you gave the Hurricane at Pavilion a good report eh? most people ive talked to about it that have ridden it say they hated it. however, i definitely wanna get down there this year. i was hoping to make it before memorial day (to beat the summer crowd) but i just dont think im gonna swing it. thanks for the report, vague as it was. just a little nitpicking, watch your grammer and spelling when posting...helps establish your credility here much quicker;) *** Edited 5/1/2006 9:53:24 PM UTC by vacoasterfreak***

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