The Identity Crisis

I'm writing a trip report for King's Island at the moment and I've noted that Woodstock Express was previously known as Scooby Doo, Beastie, and Fairly Odd Coaster.

I thought I'd crowdsource this - can anyone point me to other coasters that have had more than four different names in their lifetime?

I'm pretty sure the impulse coaster at dorney had 4, supermans ultimate flight, V2,Voodoo and possessed.

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That's right, except it was called Steel Venom after the CF Geauga Lake takeover, not V2.

Yea i cant keep track of some of these coasters that change names

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There's a Miler kiddie at KI that's also on its fourth name.

I can't think of many rides that have endured more than three name changes, let alone four. Belmont's Giant Dipper started with that name, but later was known as Roller Coaster, Earthquake, then back to Giant Dipper. So, technically,...

I thought of Detroit's Edgewater Park and their wooden coaster that had 4 different names, Swinger, Thriller, Soul Train, and Big Beast.

I looked at Geauga Lake, but their out and back only had three names, Sky Rocket, Clipper, then Big Dipper.

Speaking of Geauga, their Pinfari Zyklon was originally called Cyclone, then I believe made its way to Santa Claus Land where they called it Blitzen. When the park became Holiday World it operated as Firecracker. They sold it to a carnival operator who had the ride, still known as Firecracker, at Jolly Roger in Maryland. Then it was sold to another carnival operator, Amusements of America, who put new flash on the ride and traveled with it as Avalanche. I think it's currently for sale again. Anyway, there's four names on that one, but technically it's a portable ride, so I'm not sure how or if it counts.

Magic Spring's wooden ride started at Circus World/ Boardwalk and Baseball park and is on it's fourth name, but the last one was due to relocation to Arkansas. Roaring Tiger, Michael Jackson's Thrill Coaster, Florida Hurricane, then finally Arkansas Twister.

Thinking,... Thinking....

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Wow, RCMAC. Your brain is full of coaster facts.

And I love the title of this thread! Awesome!

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Courtesy of Duane Marden, the clear winner:

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It's not terribly surprising when a coaster changes names between parks, especially if it's a different owner. I'd be interested to know which one has been renamed the most without moving (in which case KI's Woodstock Express is probably a strong candidate).

The one I linked to was renamed five times within the same park, and twice more in moves.

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Ah I see, I didn't follow the roadmap closely enough. :)

Knoebal's Phoenix was known as the Rocket when it was located at Playland Park in San Antonio. Six Flags over Texas's La Vibora was called the Sarajevo Bobsled when it was at Six Flag's Magic Mountain. Boblo Island's Sky Streek was originally called Thunderbolt when it was originally built in 1974, but it was renamed Sky Streak and then Sky Streek(possibly because of Kennywood and Cedar Point objecting to the first two names). Today it is known as the Titan at it's currant home at Selva Majica in Guadalajara, Mexico. Boblo's Screamer was renamed Corkscrew when it was moved to Playland Park in Vancouver, British Colombia. Last but not least Boblo's Nightmarewas renamed Mayan Mindbender when it was moved to Six Flag's Astroworld, and was renamed once again to Hornetwhen it was relocated to Wonderland in Texas.

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