The Hurricane and MBP 8-12-2006

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As many (if not all) of you know, 2006 is the farewell season for the Myrtle Beach Pavilion. I am a North Carolina resident and our vacation home is near the NC/SC border; hence I've been going to the Pavilion for years. I'll spare everyone ranting over my feelings on the removal of the park, except to say that I think it's b.s. that a family tradition for many will be gone for another profit endeavor. Too bad the "final season" isn't a ploy because the profits have been the best in recent years.

This visit (8-12) was actually my third of the summer. I went three weeks ago with some family and got a wristband on a Friday. Unfortunately Hurricane was closed that day because it needed a gear box (or so said an employee) but I was able to ride almost everything in the park numerous times. The only rides I skipped were those that I didn't have the stomach to ride and could ride elsewhere (Tilt-A-Whirl and Starship 2000).

The park was a bit skimpy in the landscaping department and some of the bathrooms and fixtures could have used some repairs; but I guess they figure time is running out, so what's the use. I'm not saying the park looked bad, just not as good as it could. For the most part, the rides were running very well and were in good shape.

Although my favorite flat, Choas, has been gone for a few years, I also love Top Spin and Enterprise and both were running well. Leave it to the Pavilion to finally give me a better Top Spin program in the last season. Lots of flips and little of the unnecessary hanging upside down; great pattern.

The Hyrdo Surge got us incredibly soaked, I think they may have added waterfalls since my last ride.

The Mad Mouse was running better than last time and was enjoyable. Other highlights were Log Flume, Wave Swinger, Haunted Hotel, Little Eagle, the Himalayas, and Rainbow.

Riding the Rainbow at night reminded me of how much fun I've had at the park over the years. This ride is a pure classic, I hope some other park buys this gem.

Having gone in the afternoon on most of my visits, I was amazed at how electric the park is at night. Lots of guests, gorgeous lights, spinning rides. What imperfections were there in the daytime are all but gone and the park is almost like an oasis on the shore.

After a great time that day I was happy when the park information desk informed me Hurricane was back open on Sunday. My family and I went back down and rode the ride twice, second row and last row for me in the blue train. After getting some nasty rides two seasons ago, I was pleased that last season was better. This season the ride is running better than it has for quite some time. I've read trip reports and I know some aren't going to agree with me, but the ride was running fast, (decently) smooth, and packing in riders.

Now for the day the trip report title made you believe I was talking about. 8-12-2006. This past Saturday I went down with my dad for "one last ride, one last memory, one last time." The red train was running today and we rode very front and very back. The front reminded me of the ride's first season; smooth, fast, decent air, non-violent helixes. The back was signifcantly tougher, as my dad said, but was very fast and I got some record air (for this ride anyway) on the camelbacks and post helix-one drop!

I bulls**t you not, but people were coming off the ride laughing, clapping, and praising it. I heard one man say it was "the best ride I have ever ridden" and I saw tons of people with hands up all the way (as I did on my final two rides) and clapping on the brakes. This is what a ride is supposed to make people: happy. It's not El Toro or Millennium Force but Hurricane can be a crowd pleaser.

After riding this ride from its inaugural season until 2006 I can say that I will be damn sorry to see it go. I thought CCI did a wonderful job designing a coaster for the space the Corkscrew (another ride in many fond memories) once held. While the G-trains and Pavilion rehab budgets may not have helped the ride with it's A-game, Hurricane will always be one of my favorite rides.

Thanks to the maintence staff for getting it running decently this season and not just letting the breakdown put it down forever. Thanks to the crew for the <1 min. dispatches and thanks to the Pavilion for all the memories. Whatever becomes of the land on which this attraction now sits, I can't imagine it will please as many people as the Pavilion has for fifty years. I think I now know what fans of now defunct parks felt upon their demise. Another era is gone, leaving only memories of what once was. *** Edited 8/14/2006 3:43:43 AM UTC by Willh51*** *** Edited 8/14/2006 3:46:27 AM UTC by Willh51***

I have to agree with you about the loosing a park, I may have only been there once, and it was last week, but I will definatly be bummed out by it closing since I only had the one chance to go. I think the trains were my biggest complaint for Hurricane, if they had PTC's on it I think it would run much better, and it wouldn't kill my legs each time. A good park non the less though.

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Imagine the Crystal Beach Cyclone with a Gerstlauer train

Did they still have the indoor trabant inside of a tent? I loved that thing!
They have a Chance Trambant, Wipeout, which I forgot was enclosed at some point. There was also a Scrambler that had been in a tent, Corkscrew used to twist over it. Hurricane now comes into that area more, so the Scrambler is outside in the helix of the coaster.

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Willh51, I don't know if that's your age or not, but they most certainly did have a Wipeout inside of a tent with disco lights and music to match. I rode it many, many times back in mid to late 80's. If memory serves me correctly, it was right across from the Enterprise.
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After riding Hurricane this season, all I have to say is OMG. If this years opperation is the best it's run in years, I can't belive no one has sued the park for back problems.

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Intamin Fan said:
Willh51, I don't know if that's your age or not, but they most certainly did have a Wipeout inside of a tent with disco lights and music to match. I rode it many, many times back in mid to late 80's. If memory serves me correctly, it was right across from the Enterprise.

You got me there, sorry about that. I always thought that ride was newish...I guess I just never rode/don't remember it inside. Ah well, you learn something every day. *** Edited 8/19/2006 12:56:48 AM UTC by Willh51***

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