The Haunt @ GL

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Now i have been there alot this year. But the haunt was something i havent been to at geauga lake, since they started doing it the first few years. The Haunted houses for anyone interested, seemed a bit weak.

The two shining scare zones in my opinion were the Fright Zone area, where its completely fogged up where tons of costumed people really do a great job.

But the hands down winner was the scary oldies, which they used the antique cars for a scary ride. Those charaters from the movies did a really good job, worth a reride with me and a few friends, and were scared both times, so that made it even more impressive. As for rides all the same. Although the Boardwalk Typhoon was hilarious because we were looking at the instructions and how to ride it. Those things are a hoot if you ever look. Plus having fun with my cousin opping it for us.

I also found a new coaster fanatic in my friend Jimmy, so we are getting him to really want to go to parks, so i wont have to go it alone. He wants to do son of beast at kings island, i tried to tell him he doesnt know what hes in for, but with that we are now making a trip to PKI. So this season has been pleasant and keeps on going!

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