The greatest weekend Ever. CP, SFWOA, KP, PKI, LL

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Day 1 Cedar Point : Coastermania and SFWOA Kneemeister and I started out our great coaster adventure at 4 AM Friday Morning. We arrived at CP at about 6:30 and got our Coastermania buttons and went and stood in line for the gates to open, which they did at 7. There was a quick little talk and then we were on the rides by 7:15.

First ride was 1 lap on Blue Streak, very slow that early in the morning but great air nonetheless. Then onto 3 laps on Mantis. The First 2 were very good but the third was awful for Kneemeister as the op from hell pulled the restraint up after Dave already was settled in. He had to ride on his tip toes, not good at all. I guess I have finally figured out how to ride this thing, as it was a lot of fun.

Next up the big green bird. The Ops were having a lot of fun at Six Flags expense and other coasters expense. One of the jokes was "How many Six Flags employees does it take to screw in a light bulb?" The Answer: “None, They don’t care enough to change it.” Another slam was, “Remember Raptor Green is always better then Millennium Force Green.” Of course I had to yell out “Yeah but it don’t beat Magnum red or Orange or whatever it is.” Which got many hoots and cheers. Anyway 5 laps on my B and M Baby I love this thing more every time I ride it. The right side of the train is off the hook.

Next one more lap on Blue Streak, which was running much faster than earlier in the morning. Then we headed for a Lap on Millie and while in line decided to go to SFWOA between ERT’s and go to Kennywood on Saturday.

Anyway great backseat ride on Millie. We were out of their by 10:30. Onto Six Flags.

I have to say this place gets entirely too much of a bad rep. The employees were very friendly and working their butt’s off. The problem was that there were only about two people on every platform including the op. This and the fact that management wouldn’t allow them to run more then one train on all coasters except for Batman kept things slow. Anyway enough with that rant. On with the rides.

I take back every bad thing I ever said about Mean Streak. Raging Wolf Bobs was the most violent rough and mind-numbing coaster I have ever rode. The articulated PTC’s are shuffling all over the place on the course. The course is awesome but the track and the trains OH MY! The worst coaster I have ever rode by far, but such ejector air and laterals in the backseat. It could not help but be fun. We had to ride it a second time on the way out to reaffirm how bad it really was.Next up, pure CCI goodness with The Villain.

Oh my, this thing is amazing. The G Trains are not bad at all on this coaster and the ride in the backseat is just great. The trick track is an added bonus and airtime and laterals Galore. CCI did it again.

Now we head to Serial Thriller. A little problem in the station. One kid’s restraint got stuck in the down position. Maintenance had to come and get him out. The maintenance guy was very proud of “His Coaster.” He was proud of how smooth it was. Anyway after my ride he asked if it was I didn’t have the heart to say I was scared to death on this thing and I cannot place why. It was not so much the roughness but the fact that I thought sure my arm was going to get ripped off by the restraint that just wasn’t right. I can honestly say that I have never been as freaked out as I was on that coaster.

Next up Mind Eraser, my first boomerang and believe it or not I liked it. SO disorienting and I didn’t experience any Head banging at all.

Now X-Flight, awesome music playing in the station. Got ya nice and pumped for a very cool ride. I have not decided whether I like it better then S:UF or not but they are both good in their own way.

Next up Big Dipper. What a wicked old out and back great air and laterals in a classic coaster. What isn’t to love?

Finally Batman: Knight Flight. OFF THE HOOK!!!Wow front seat ride with such awesome speed. The vertical loop is huge and the over banked turn after it is almost better then Millie’s. So smooth but so forceful, Batman has won my favorite looper spot.

By this time it was about 6 O’clock and time to head back to CP. Back at CP by 8 and we hit Gemini for a fun ride. Then the boat ride for some corny jokes followed by the buggiest ride ever on Mean Streak. I rode the whole time with my head between my legs the swarms of Muffleheads was so thick. The on ride photos were hilarious to look at seeing all the ways people were trying to keep from eating bugs. Next another bug filled ride on the Mine Ride.

This is when the fun and craziness start. Nighttime ERT on Maggie AMAZING!!! The ops were rocking the place and I even helped with the spiel. If anyone else was there I was the one yelling out the numbers every time she pointed at me. We then decided to head over to Mean Streak, which had took the place of WT for nighttime ERT. Guess what, they turned all the lights off. Made a normally dull ride into a very fun ride.

Back to Maggie for even more laps we got 10 in all and were very tired by that point. We hit up Millie for one Glorious nighttime airtime filled ride amazing. Time to head to Microtel for some much needed sleep. Kennywood tomorrow.

Day 2 Kennywood

Left the motel at 8:30 and arrived at Kennywood in mid afternoon. Lines were not bad at all. And to boot the ops were hitting dispatch every time. Two trains on everything. The lines were flying.

First up Jackrabbit. A DOUBLE DIP WITH JUST A LEATHER STRAP!!! You have to be kidding me but it’s there and its awesome. This is arguably the best of the three woodies at the Park, but it is very hard to choose with all of them being so great and so unique.

Next is the great Racer. This is where the handslap was born. The layout is great and the ride is fun beyond words.

By this time we are pretty hungry and decide to eat at the Pavilion. Great food and cheap, I got the thanksgiving dinner for 9 bucks and it was more food then I could ever hope to eat. After that I needed some relaxation and time to settle my stuffed stomach. So we went to Noah’s Ark.

What a great experience but the rocking of the ship made my full stomach that much worse, but I did feel a little better. Onto Thunderbolt.

Wow laterals and air at the same time and pretty dang smooth to boot. The dive into the ravine is great and I have to say for me it did live up to the hype. We rode the Goldrusher next, which was a fun dark ride. Next up is the Exterminator.

Very sad to stand there and see the whip and realize someone died there. The trees and houses on the hill across from the park are all tore up. Anyway Exterminator was great. It was huge and totally disorienting. So much fun I wish more of these would be installed. You have a normal mouse at first and you got through all the normal Mouse maneuvers. Sharp turns at the top and then a serious of drops. Then when your average mouse would be finished you pretty much do the whole thing again but spinning. Too cool.

Finally Phantom’s Revenge. Laterals, Air, Intensity it has it all and then some. A double dip on a steel coaster (A play on the same thing on Jackrabbit) CRAZY!!!!This thing whips the pants off Maggie, which was my old number one. I loved it so much I bought a T Shirt, which was very reasonably priced at 13 bucks.

Finally we take our last ride of the day at The Old Mill, which was a cool old ride. Very Unique. It was about 5 when we left Kennywood for our long trip to Kings Island.

Day 3 PKI and Lesourdville Lake

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Met and hung out with some very Cool people. Johnathon, Greg, Jay, Charles, and many more in our group. We rode everything the Buzzer way LOL. Massive rides on the Eagles and an amazing trip to Lesourdsville Lake.

The Screechin Eagle was unreal. Those of you who have rode Cyclops knows the kind of air you get on it. The Eagle has this 5 TIMES!!!!!! The Pacing is very odd but unique to say the least. So Smooth. I loved it.

Back to PKI for even more craze filled rides. At just before ten I met my girlfriend for one last trip on Sonny. This was a mistake as I missed the group photo and the two shots on FOF. Oh Well sonny was better. Two amazing rides on Tomb raider Followed and then. Two even more amazing rides on Papa.

We met such great people this day and had so much fun. Honestly this was the best day at a park I have ever had. Thanks So much to all you guys Dave and I hung Out with. You know who you are.

We will always remember. “We aren’t even wet.”

All in all 5 parks and 31 coasters in 3 days. Chances like this don’t come often and I am glad this one did.


The Beast and Night, They go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly

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nice tr. i thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with you guys too. i can't wait to get our lesourdsville lake tee's. that will be sweet! let me know when you guys want to go coastering again.

flying eagles + 8 enthusiasts = priceless

seek first to understand
then to be understood

Nice Trip Report! Sounds like you had fun.

-Sean Newman
83 coasters and soon to be more
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I had a great time haning around with you and the rest of the gang. I'll let Jerry know what you thought of his Eagle.


Welcome back riders, hope you've enjoyed your ride, push down and then pull up on your lap bars and exit to your right, walk down the exit ramp and enjoy the rest of your day here at Paramount's Kings Island.


I had a blast hanging out with you guys at PKI. We will have to do it again..


We must have been following you around (or vice versa) and didn't even know it. I distinctly remember that joke being told right before we got on Raptor in the morning and remember someone helping out the girl on Magnum in the evening. Nice to hear more good reports on SOB love that ride.

Finally BKF gets the review it deserves :)

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