The Gravity Group offers precut track, more durable and faster to install

Posted Sunday, September 26, 2021 11:24 AM | Contributed by Jeff

From The Gravity Group:

The Gravity Group has created an alternative track system that is both economical and more exact. Best of all, the new track system from The Gravity Group is made of wood – preserving the integrity of a wooden roller coaster. The new engineered precut track is by design up to thirty times stronger than the traditional wooden roller coaster track. The track is precut at The Gravity Group facility by precision CNC equipment to the exact shape determined by the ride design. The additional strength and precise shape ensure that the track will deliver smooth rides and indefinitely be maintenance friendly. Additionally, this engineered precut track is economical and easy to install in prefabricated pieces with predictable, excellent results.

Six hundred feet of this track has been installed on Kings Island’s Racer in 2021. The park’s staff and guests have been vocally exuberant about the new ride experience from the engineered precut track. This new track is now patent pending and will allow The Gravity Group to refurbish classic rides and produce new ones in a way that preserves the experience and integrity of the beloved wooden roller coaster. The Gravity Group is confident that this will be the new standard for wooden roller coaster track in the not-so-distant future.

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Monday, November 29, 2021 10:36 AM

From a post yesterday on Reddit, the Beast is getting a ton of off-season track work including the first drop, tunnel, and turn, and both entrances into the helix tunnels.

The word was that they are using the new GG track for these sections of the ride.

Monday, November 29, 2021 12:38 PM
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Morté615 said:

One potential with CNC cut track is that parks can get their own smaller CNC machine and get the code from Gravity Group to do minor repairs. A park wouldn't need (or probably want) the full size machines that Gravity Group uses to build the entire coaster but if all you need is a 8' section then a machine can be purchased relatively cheap (still in the 10s of thousands but under the millions that GC uses).

Plus these CNC could be used for other coasters, or other projects entirely.

It’s my understanding that that a local company (sawmill?) that has the machinery actually makes the prefab track for El Toro and Intamin provides the rest of the install hardware, and then the park’s maintenance replaces the track when it needs done, or at least this is what I was told has been the case in the past. Not sure how the work they’re doing on it now is going.

So if GG does something similar for parks, then a local company can machine them track probably pretty quickly if an unexpected replacement needs to happen.

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