The Grandmommy of all hydraulic launches is back up!

So, I know most of you are from the Mid West or East Coast, and so you have Stormrunner, Top Thrill Dragster, and Kingda Ka. But over here in Southern California, we've got the ptorotype that started it all, Xcelerator.

If any of you keeps track of coaster news at all, you might have heard Xcel went down last October after the launch cable snapped and injured a couple guests.

Well, after its 6 month "rehab," she's back up and running like a champ! Yes, she's crippled with a 1 train operation, but that ain't slowing her down at all! Just thought I'd spread the joy around, for truly, without Xcel, there would be no TTD, KK, or SR :D

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