The GIANT and Disneyland

This short story happened on the all-nighter.

We, three of us, were in line for one of the dark rides, I think I remember it to be Snow White's Scary Adventures.

There was this GIANT of a man, and a companion, in front of us in the line. There was no WAY this guy could fit on many of the rides in the park. I wasn't even sure why he was in line for this ride.

We chatted about his size and the rides and he seemed to be understanding about my curiosity and was polite and answered the questions I had.

When we got to the second to last row in the Que, he noticed that there was a bunch of trash (cups, wrappers, all sorts of general garbage) left on the stone work in a corner of the Que.

He doesn't hesitate and grabs as much of the debris as he can as he mentions, "Not here, not here in Disneyland." He found a garbage can, mostly full, and acted as a human trash compactor to get the waste into the can.

All three of us each grabbed what we could of the garbage and also jammed it into the can.

As I remember, a few others behind us did the same.

It was very poignant to see a guest care more about the condition of the park then the staff was able to control.

Maybe it will change for the better again?

ON EDIT: He was able to fit by being in a single row himself and sitting fully diagonal. He would NOT have fit with another person in the row.

In case you were wondering.

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