The Gadget That Makes Disney Even More Magical

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Just a quick Yahoo article.

I like articles like this because I think it lets me see things from a non-enthusiast standpoint. Not only the article, but also the comments.

Two big points though:

1. Amazed at how close the system currently is to the older speculation we did around here of the potential of marrying technology to the theme park experience.

2. I get excited just reading about the whole NextGen thing. There is SO much potential. In another decade (2025!) 'doing' Disney will really be something.

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I think there are still some kinks to work out, and I'm observing just from a local standpoint. Hotel guests seem to have all kinds of issues (that's largely anecdotal observations). To me it's more interesting from a software development standpoint, and it sounds like it's just one step above the Obamacare site in terms of efficiency.

But to your point, the foundation and vision is certainly there. It just has to be paired with aging tech that was never intended to talk with it.

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