The funniest thing at PKD!

Monday, May 27, 2002 7:09 PM
Ok, well when you go to PKD, there is a ride to your left near the entrance... The Berserker! This is a pirate ship that flips upside down. Now to the funny part, when you get on, the ride ops ask you to put your hands up and feet on the ground. Then the lap bar comes down automatically and pushes on your thigh/pelvic area. Every single rider grunts and yells for some slack. Then the pressure is off and you are stapled by a lap bar AND a OSTR. Well the ride is pretty cool and when you think its all over, to get out of the ride, the lap bars push back down and even more grunts are heard. Everyone gets off saying, "oww that hurt", "ow mommy I don't wanna do that again", or "Man do I have to go to the bathroom!". So if you haven't noticed, just stand by the ride and listen to " Everyone please put your hands up. (Grunt) Thank you enjoy your ride." I stood by the ride for about 5 mins, so much fun! A must to do! Are there any other funny things that happen to tourists at your park?

1)Millennium Force

Monday, May 27, 2002 7:38 PM
Well, at PKI yesterday, when we went on the Racer, some little kid was crying because he pushed his lap bar down too far and when he went over the bunny hills, he was stapled down. Even though it was a little kid, the ride-ops had said to hold on to the front bar while riding. The same thing happened on the Beast but with a grown man. Jeez, some people. Oh well, can't blame em' for bein' the GP.

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