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Monday, June 10, 2002 8:28 AM
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Alright...okie dokie...gonna try and put this all back together as best as I can remember it all...

Sunday morning started me when, well, I'm not quite sure when exactly it started as I never went to sleep on Saturday night. All of that can be chalked up to wanting to celebrate the end of the school year and then realizing my options were to sleep for an hour before heading out or going hardcore and staying awake. The latter won out and soon I was at PKI ready for the convention.

After checking in I made plans to meet back up with Jeff and Stephanie after they finished check-in duty. The two guys who were to come with me bailed due to the circumstances mentioned above and so the CB king and queen were nice enough to babysit me for most of the day.

I had an hour to kill and so first I made my way over to the action zone and took my first ride ever on Drop Zone. Every other time I had attempted to ride it the line was over an hour. I was very impressed and, after another ride that night, agree with Jeff that these rides blow away any S&S creation. A quick spin on Face Off reminded me of how intense the Invertigos are and then it was off to meet Jeffy and Stephie.

I can't quite remember the order of what we rode and when (just about at the 24-hour mark for no sleep then) and so I will just run through the rides as they come to me.

I know we began by walking over to Tomb Raider to check the site out. The short line pulled up in and we ended up riding in maybe 30 mintes. I liking the themeing, was impressed by the size of the ride, and blown away by the actual sequence. Kings Island has a large number of coasters already...I don't see why anyone could complain about this not being another one. The effects and flipping combine to make a very intense, disorienting, hella fun ride.

Short waits abounded throughout the park and I don't remember waiting more than 15 minutes for anything from this point on. One of the first rides we went after was Flight of Fear. This was my first time riding without the restraints. Everything that needs to be said already has been about this change.

We took rides on a couple of other coasters before taking a break for some food and much-needed relaxing. Along the way we did take one ride on Beast and I thought it was running as well as I remember it being. I don't really know what to think of the new brakes to be honest. Yes, the ride does seem faster at some points. But at the same time the sudden, abrupt slowing they cause at certain points really isn't that fun. Ask me for my impersonation of riding sometime if you see me around.

Lunch came and we stuffed ourselves on chicken, burgers, hotdogs, potato chips, pasta salad, and cookies. The picnic area was decorated with table cloths, mini Eiffle towers, and balloons (helium-filled ones at that...which provided some dessert entertainment). It was really nice to see everyone who was attending all in one place and the food was excellent. Jeff and Jeff (Siebert that is) provided some words and then we broke to ride.

J, S, and I walked back to check out the water park and then caught a ride back on the train. ALong the way I took an unintentional nap (I think). We rode some more and then met up with some other Buzzers at the flyers entrance. All I have to say is that when you take a ride operated by two kids working their very first day, fill the entire thing with Buzzers, and then let it cycle you get one heck of a funny sight. The flyers were snapping all around and the entire ride looked like it was shaking. After something like that we had to repeat it another time.

A now-larger group of made our way around and took rides on some other things such as Adventure Express, Drop Zone, and Face Off. Jeff and Stepanie then split off and headed to "shop and drop" and I went off with my second group of the day. The party consisted of ST Chick, Robodud, Kicksthesky, and Arrow Guy (in user name so you all might have a clue who I am referring to). We rode a few coasters before returning to the scene of the crime and getting two more rounds on the Flyers. The highlight of it all was making two little kids who were riding at the same time scream "make it stop" to our snapping :o)

A quick run to the meeting spot got us back in the group just in time for our big photo. After that was done we made our way to FOF where everyone was treated to two rides. The group then made its way to Tomb Raider and were given two rides once again. The best part about this was that we didn't even have to move between rides. Re-riding this thing will make you truely appreciate how intense it is. I doubt I would have made it a third time around.

After walking to few steps over to Beast everone piled into one of two trains and took their night rides. Jeff S. even joined us for the first one. The ride really kicks in gear come nigth and the helix is quite nearly insane. Everyone excited with huge grins on their face and gathered to collect gifts. The park went out of its way the entire day and then topped itself one last time by providing us all with a set of three posters. The rarest of which was an original park map from 1972. What a treat!

After everything was said and done we made out way out of the park and I said my goodbye's to all the people I hung out with during the day. It was great to meet all of you that I did and you can certainly count me in for next year!

I made my way home and crashed. Not quite sure how the trip went as I don't really remember much of it. I'm really gald I stuck it out and went to the event. I'm in for next year already--only this time I will try to show up on a decent night's rest :o)

James Draeger
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Monday, June 10, 2002 8:49 AM
Nice TR James. I'm really glad you got to hang out with us in the evening, we all had a blast....the nightime flyer crew will forever live in infamy.

You'll have to let me know if you swing by MIA this summer...go MSU :).
Kara (car-uh)
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Monday, June 10, 2002 9:37 AM
Cool TR Draeger and I hope you've finally caught up on that sleep. Sounds like you had a great time!
Monday, June 10, 2002 11:19 AM

Whatever, you can't like Kings Island, PO!NTER!

Wish we would've been able to make it...SRM drained us physically and financially!


Monday, June 10, 2002 2:10 PM
Was great to meet you! Again, it was an incredible day, and perhaps the most memorable of all of my Kings Island visits. Glad you could join us for some rides, esp. those addictive Flyers!
Brad Sherman
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