The End of Big Purple

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This is a Vegas report from Oct 29th to Oct 31st.

First for the kids out there, I rode the new Manhattan Express trains. They were marginally better than old, being the new Premier molds. My neck still bounced on the shoulder restraints, but I understand Premier will be doing some track replacement and overhauling over the winter, so I take their word that the ride will improve. 7/10.

I stayed in the Stardust for its final days of operations. You wouldn't really know it was closing, since the place still looked great, it was clean, and all the lites, inside and out worked. I upgraded to a suite. Magnificent!10/10.

Food Again, good eatin' in the desert. Twice had the Stardust breakfast buffet, with omlettes made to order, along with fresh waffles and make your own yogurt. This is the best breakfast joint in town, and it will be missed. 10/10. Lunch at the Peppermill, and I won $30 in the poker machine while the bartender checked out my girlfriend. Good times. 8/10.

Lunch at the Mirage in the Carnegie Deli. 8/10. The sandwich fell over it was so tall. Mirage was bangin with business. Damn Beatlemania has taken over. Bad teeth and all. Had a awesome dinner at Center Stage in the Plaza Casino overlooking FSE. Unbelieveable, and not too bad on the wallet. Go there now and try it. 10/10.

Lunch at La Cantina next to MGM. Quite a hidden secret. I ate at the place on New Years Eve 2 years ago. Its great. 8/10. Dinner at Tony Roma's in the Stardust, their next to last night. What can I say? 9/10. It ain't Damons.

The penguins are gone from the Flamingo. Very sad, but they are together in New Mexico or Arizona or someplace. New Hooters Casino has a great pool area and a solid future ahead of them. Its a Man's Place, very laid back, but relaxing.

As for the final Stardust History Agent Johnson made, I was in the final poker tournament, and the first player to knock out 2 players at once. I didn't win. I was the first to qualify for the final 'Hit Me' black jack tournament, and sat at the final round, taking 5th. I have a black throw blanket with 'Stardust' stitched on it.

Also made and collected the final winning horse race bet in the Sports Book, winning on a horse from Remington Downs. I was given a 'Stardust Line' t-shirt.

I didn't know this, but in the early 1960's, they hosted the Association of Outdoor Fairs and Expos on the grounds behind the hotel. There was a picture of a diving horse doing its act on a casino wall inside.

I will miss the Legendary Stardust. Vegas in all its glory. Rest in Peace old friend, and worlds greatest casino. 1958-2006.


Agent Johnson said:
I understand Premier will be doing some track replacement and overhauling over the winter

So with luck this ride will be less Togo and more Premier?

"You seem healthy. So much for voodoo."

After the improvements are done and someone rides this please, let me know how it is. This is one ride I always skip. I took 10 rides on it the first and last day I ever rode it. Way too painfull. I managed 50 in one day on Speed and 37 on Desperado, also a bit painfull, but Manhatten Express or "Roller Coaster" as it's now called was not a pleasant experience.

Also, I think is one other hotel got a decent coaster, Vegas would be a great place to go just for the rides. A B&M would be nice. Inverted maybe.

I think you missed Canyon Blaster.
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Canyon Blaster was super-smooth the last time I rode it. Really enjoyable. Perhaps it has aged so well because it's in a controlled environment.

Where's Wayne going?

Wayne was at the Flamingo when I was there last February.
I think is doing the holiday show at the Flamingo again.

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