The end of an era....MK's Space Mountain, version 1.0 (04/18/09)

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We'd known for quite some time that WDW's Space was getting its refurb/overhaul, and the time had finally arrived. Acoustic Viscosity came down from PA, and we had an excellent (albeit very long) day saying goodbye to a real sentimental favorite. I don't know for sure if I'd ridden anything prior, but it's the first one I remember riding. Thanks to FastPass and some solid planning, we maximized our day at the Kingdom, and scored many laps on Space and BTMRR Saturday (also visited nearly every attraction Matt had yet to do, and saw/did some old sentimental favorites along the way). The last ride of the night, of course, was a fond farewell to an icon, and it was with a certain degree of sadness that we said goodbye....for a while. Thanks Rob, Matt, and especially Walt (and Karl and Ed).

The Alpha, and the Omega - 1/15/75 - 04/19/09 (past midnight)

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I got to ride it a few times in its former state a couple of weeks ago. I'm sure gonna miss it the way it is/was. :(

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While I certainly understand the nostalgia for the ride, I've never found it to be all that interesting aside from the inline seating. I for one look forward to the rehab.

What's the ETA for re-opening?

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November 21 or 22, 2009 - depending on who you believe. Not that I'm anticipating it or anything. In addition to the inline seating (which is a big deal when you're a little kid since there's no adult holding on to you), there's the darkness, the music, and the idea of space travel - which, growing up in the early-mid 70s, was still a big deal.

I hope with the refurb it will be a lot smoother. My last ride was December 2006 and it was so rough I almost had a headache at the end of the ride. The only other coaster to make me feel like that was Hercules.

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That's what I loved about the old SM - It was bumpy and it made me giggle. It's the very reason that I love its older cousin, Matterhorn at DL. If they ever change that, I'll be upset as all can be.

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Josh and Gator get it. :)

Space Mountain 1.0 is my number one steel coaster. I never have more giggly fun on any other steel coaster, and anyone who knows me knows I have ridden more than enough to make that claim say something. It just seems so much more out of control than any of the giant steel coasters out there. The tight turns and sudden drops in those low profile, open, comfy, exposed cars with supports and stars whizzing passed you... I love it. And I too love how turbulent the ride is (bumpy/rough, whatever you want to call it). It just makes it feel that much more out of control and not precisely calculated like nearly all the other steel coasters of today. I'm not sure what to think of a smooth version of this ride. I hope they at least manage to keep the out of control sensation alive and don't replace the trains with more confining "safe feeling" trains.

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