The Economy: Theme parks in Dubai

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I remember in the not too distant past Universal, Anhueser Busch and Six Flags were all talking about opening their own theme park play lands in Dubai. I was just wondering if there were any alterations to their plans, now that Anheuser Busch has been sold, and the world economy has gone to crap, and the oil bubble burst. I am reading reports that tourism in Dubai has slowed considerably since Europeans and Americans aren't traveling as much anymore. Anyone heard anything of these themeparks lately? Its probably to early to speculate, but do you think these plans have been delayed, scraped entirely?

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I'm not sure how many of those plans involved them having partial or total stakes in the businesses though. The Six Flags deal I believe was essentially a planning and licensing gig, wasn't it?

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That's true. Six flags was building from scratch. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out in a couple years.

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