"The Economist" to open theme park

I missed this on the radio this morning, but I did submit it to news.

The Economist, the UK financial magazine, has obtained land and is opening a new theme park themed around macroeconomics. For more details, here's a link to the story that aired on Morning Edition this morning:


--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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OK, I decided to have a little fun with this one. Let's brainstorm some names for rides based on the current economy. I'll start.

A drop tower named Dow Jones that goes only one direction - straight down.

A flume ride called Standard and Poors in which every rider gets soaked.

Coin operated lockers called AIG where you keep putting money in and get nothing in return.

And finally, just for LostKause, a Q-bot system called the Bailout where bankrupt corporate execs get special privileges at the expense of regular taxpayers. :)

Who's next?

Did you listen to the story? It's only 63 seconds long. You might as well start with the foundation already given:

Chamber of Horrors: Hear the wailing of distressed debt
Dow Jones: Roller Coaster
Test of Strength against a Bear Market
Fiscal Fantasyland: Watch world economies shrivel before your very eyes

Okay, so what they have sounds more like a 10-in-1 than an amusement park.

I do like your suggestions, though, sws, apart from the fact that Dow Jones is already taken. Of course, there has to be an "Add-Em-Up" 'game' (i.e. flat store) run by Madoff, and how about a Moonwalk called the "Housing Bubble"? Just try to keep that one inflated.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

A game called "Whack-a-Banker" self explanatory.

"Ponzi: The Ride" Not sure what kind of ride it would be, but it would be shaped like a pyramid. Eventually the wheels come off and riders are left stranded.

"Small Cap" A kiddie flat ride that goes around and around, but you still end up in the same place.

"NASDAQ" Coaster tops out at 2,000 feet then drops sharply.

A concession called "Dippin' Stocks" the world's first frozen treat shaped like dollar signs. Watch them melt before your eyes.

"Interest Rate" a very flat ride.

401K. A very scary dark ride. Enter if you dare. There will be a similar walk-through version for Halloween called "Your IRA."

On the bright side the Turnpike ride will greatly improve, as they will replace those cramped little cars with unsold Trailblazers, Explorers and Hummers.

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