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My g/f and I went to the dells on Monday, 23. We live about 3 hours away from there so it was a little bit of a drive but nothing too bad. We were there from Monday July, 23 until Wednesday, 25. We stayed at the Rivera Suites.

Monday; (My 22nd bday!)We arrived at the dells at about 1030 from there we went to Noah's Arc. Having been there a couple years back; 2? The only thing new to me was Time Warp so I told the g/f to pick stuff to go on. A couple things I noticed... Waits for waterslides are pretty much dead after 5-6, although they only run a certain number. Such as, say there was 4 slides running before, maybe they would only run 2. If it wasn't any of the bigger slides. It was a nice day. The only thing I would recommend is some water shoes. Walking is painful! My favorite slides were the mat slides. (I forgot what they called them) Anyways, Did those use to be body slides? Anyone know? Waits for the day were not bad at all. We walked on a lot of stuff besides the more popular rides such as; Black Anaconda, Time Warp and actually... that was pretty much it.. Those were the two longest waits. Time warp was only about 25 minutes; Black Anaconda was about 35 minutes. Anyways, it was a very nice day at the water park. We ended up leaving before closing because I wanted to go hit Avalanche. Since I've never been on it. So we headed to Timber falls park.

Got there at about 8. We decided to get a night pass since it was only $15 for unlimited rides. We went on Avalanche 8 times in a row. Trying different seats out and stuff. Ride notes... It seemed a little rougher in the middle of the train instead at the end. It was a pretty good ride though, a lot of air time. After that we went on the Log Flume once. It was actually surprisingly fun. Anyways, after that we left, since neither one of us wanted to do bumper boats or mini golf. So we ended up going back to the Hotel and ordered some pizza.

The room that we got was actually better then I though it would have been. A lot of those places look shady... After a good nights rest we got up around 930 and went to starbucks for some coffee. After we got some coffee we went to Mt. Olympus. Having been there before I knew what to expect. We got in, actually for free because it came with out Hotel price. (by the way... I have 2 more tickets if someone cares for them) -email me I will not be using them. I think they expire end of August.

We went up to the gate, got our wristbands and headed on over to Hades. Got on Hades 4th row in about 20 minutes. Still a fun ride, I felt it getting a little rougher then I remembered it towards the end. But still worth the wait and visit. Next we went to a go-kart track. We ended up doing a round there then decided to go in to the indoor amusement park. I found that they have added a lot of stuff since I have been there last. Now they have videogames, a playground, the disco is now in there. Defiantly was not expecting that when I walked in. We looked around for a couple of minutes; then we took a ride on Opa.

After the indoor park we ended up going back outside and took our turn on the mat speed slides. Those are really fun. I love mat speed slides. After that, we ended up skipping the two family raft rides due to the line. We ended up going into the indoor water park to try out the slides in there. Tell you the truth... I had the BEST time in the indoor slides. They were really neat. No waits. Just pure fun. After we spent some time in there, we went on back to the outdoor water park. We ended up riding all the blue waterslides first, and then we went to the tubes slides next to it. After we did all the tubes, we went to the Speed slide. We went down the speed slide and alls I can say is; ouch.

After that; we decided to go back to the theme park and take a ride on Cyclops. We went towards the back. Anyways, when the train was returning to the station we defiantly overshot the station. The operator had NO idea what to do. Some one on the train was like "can we just go again". She was very confused on what to do. Normally with a real theme park they would call some mechanics but instead she just pressed the button again and we went around again. Sort of... We got stuck on the brake-run. People were just hopping right out of the seats and walked down the rest of the ride. Something that I have never seen ever. Anyways, we ended up hopping out of there, walking down to the exit of the ride. Safety issues? After that, decided to hit Zeus since there was no wait. Our first ride was in the back. It was rough, but still fun. After that, we ended up leaving Mt. O and we went to Water world for a little bit.

Water world; got there about 3 only stayed until 415. We only went because we had free passes. Anyways, we went on the blue slides first. Tried all three of them. They were ok. After that, they had this 'river' tube chute. I really don't know what to call it. Alls that I know is that it didn't really look fun at first but boy was it the best thing there! Ended up doing that two times in the row after that, we ended up going on some Raft Ride tube slide. If there is a wait.. It's really not worth it. Not that fun, you do not get wet, just bad. After the 20 minute wait for that we ended up going on the river tube chute. After that, we left.

We ended up going back to Mt. O. When we got back, we went back to the indoor water park. We went back on the tube slides and went in the lazy river. We then decided to go back outside; it was about 7 by this time. We took a couple of rides of the family raft rides. Which was fun. Rode those until 8ish. After that, we finished all of the go-kart courses. Then we decided to take another spin on Hades, Back row. About a 15 minute wait. Good ride... Decided to ride Zeus again, this time front row. Boy was there a difference! It was smooth!! Very fun ride. After that, we called it a night.

Wednesday. We ended up waking up around 10, went for breakfast and decided to go to Wilderness. They have a couple of fun slides but nothing to whoo hoo about. Total time there was 2 and 1/2 hours. Left about 230. Then it was time for the 3 hour trip back home. It was a fun time at the dells. *** Edited 7/26/2007 3:41:10 AM UTC by superflybri03***

I believe the "matt slides" at Noah's Ark that you refer to are called Jungle Rapids. As far as I know, they've always used those heavy, blue matts.

I rode Avalanche a few weeks ago and found it to be rougher the further back in the train you sat. It was fine in the early evening, but by 9:00pm it was almost unbearable. It makes me a little nervous about the future of that ride.

Cyclops is a manually-operated ride (no computer), which means that you overshot the station because the operator did too much brake pumping when the train was coming into the station. You're right; she clearly didn't know what she was doing. Even more surprising is that you can't get "stuck" on the brake run unless the operator is just refusing to push the release button. My guess is that she was so nervous about overshooting the station again that she just let the train sit there. It's nice to see that Mt. Olympus is still doing such a fantastic job training their employees. :)

Zeus is a front seat ride all the way.

Nice TR!


Yeah... I didn't know what type of system they had on Cyclops. Everything there is 'carnival' like...
All three of the older wooden coasters are manually run. They're fun rides to operate, but Mt Olympus obviously has some work to do in the training department. Or maybe (more likely) they just need a training department in the first place.

The park has come a long way since the Big Chief days. They've installed fencing around some areas that were very dangerously open before. They've put a lot of effort into landscaping and making the place look nice. And their sign shop is one of the most impressive small park shops in the industry. All of that theming is done in-house. I don't think it looks carnival-esque anymore, and it's time they stop operating it like one.


I want to make it to the Dells this year, never been. Your TR makes me want to go even more. Sounds like Noah's Arc is the best bet for a waterpark and Mount Olympus is the best ride park to go to and they have a water park too. Is this true? Anything else a first-timer to the Dells shouldn't miss? I won't have the time or money to hit every park in town, but I don't want to miss riding the best coasters there.
for me... I only thought that Noah's Arc and Mt. Olympus was worth the money. If you end up staying, A lot of hotels/motels give you free tickets to Mt. Olympus. It's a pretty good deal. I think we paid 109 a night. That includes 2 tickets to mt. olympus per night. Which is a 66 value. In reality, we paid 43 per night. Not too bad!

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