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First post, however I have been reading this site for years. Anyways we are going to be in Wisconsin Dells for two nights here in August and I am looking for a place to stay any information? I want to be able to get to most of the attractions by walking. Is that possable? I am not even sure how the Dells is set up. I do not need to have the indoor waterpark but I do not want the super 8. Hope someone can help.
The waterpark, Mt. Olympus and Timberfalls and the strip are all only about 1.5 miles long.

Check out Mt. Olympus site, I hear they offer some great deals which include park addmission in their resort hotel.


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I'll second the hotel at Mt. Olympus. When I was there they had a great room/rides package.

All the coasters are within a mile or so of each other. If you're looking to add coasters to your count don't pass up looks like this may be the last year for the park as rides are listed for sale. Buy the wristband at TimberFalls so you can ride Avalanche until your hearts contect. And don't pass up their flume.

If you like Mexican food I vote for Pedros, which is next to Timber Falls.

Also, Little AmerrickA is about an hour away, just east of Madison. They just opened their jr. woodie, Meteor. They also have a Herscell Mad Mouse, the prototype Chance Tobogganm a great train ride...and a "wtf?" walk-thru Haunted House.

As for Mt. Olympus the only ride you need to mind is their flume/coaster hybrid. It has HORRIBLE capacity so try to knock that out when the park opens.

Mamoosh said:

If you like Mexican food I vote for Pedros, which is next to Timber Falls.

And I'll second that.

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I am staying 2 nights at American World (across from Mt Olympus) over Labor Day weekend. We got a great rate, and we get wristbands for Mt Olympus for both days. It will be my first time to the Dells. Im looking forward to Hades and Avalance most, but Im excited about everything.

Are the Go-Karts at Mt Olympus included in the park admission, or are they upcharge attractions?

Josh M.

I would also add that Pizza Pub (across the street from Noah's Ark) also has some fantastic deep dish pizza.

Also, for anyone who has never experienced this Wisconsin treat: go to Culvers to try some Frozen Custard. Its like Ice Cream, but better imagine hard ice cream with a much creamier consistency (but still harder then soft serve) and even better taste.

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The Go Karts at Mt Olympus are included with park admission. The Apollo Swing (screaming swing) and the robocoaster ride are the only upcharge attractions I can think of off the top of my head. While that might not be the only ones. I highly recommend taking a ride on the Original Wisconsin Ducks or maybe one of the boat tours to see what the Dells really are. Noah's Ark is fun if you can catch it on a not-so-crowded day. There are tons of other tourist trap type attractions all over as well.

The park also have their own version of the ducks. It features a lot of the behind the scenes stuff. If I remember right it was around 10 bucks.
Paul Bunyans is good homestyle cooking. Never stayed in a hotel their. Either camped or timeshared.

I consider the Dells layout like Veags:

You have the strip with all the waterparks and Mt O.

Then you have Main Street with the kitchy shops.

And they intersect at Timber Falls.

Thanks for another great season, VF!

I'll "third" the Mexican restaurant...and note that sans a circa 1979 Beast ride or Avalanche experience three or so weeks after opening was my all-time favorite!
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Wow, folks from out west voting for Mexican food at the Dells? Interesting!

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If you have not all ready visited this website do so. It will help you in planning you trip. Mt. Olympus Resort is a good one, as you will get admission included w/ stay. Noah's Ark is less then a mile from there and if you want to do Timber Falls it is only about a 5 min or less car ride away. Mt. Olympus is also directly across from the Orignal Duck water tours, and also Extreme World. There are plenty of other hotels that are right in the same area as well, such as Atlantis Hotel, Rain Tree Hotel, Flamingo Motel to name a few, and most of those offer packages for many of the different attactions within the dells.

Just as a side question Mamoosh where did you see that the rides for Riverview Park are up for sale?

Hope that will help you.

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I will fourth Pedros. (very glad that they decided to build other locations and one is about three miles from my home). One other nice thing about Pedros is that it is literally right inside of Timber Falls. Be sure to catch a ride on Timber Fall's skyscraper, in addition to the coaster and flume ride!

I will also chime in and say that staying at Treasure Island is the best way to do the Dells. You get an indoor waterpark, outdoor waterpark, indoor themepark and outdoor themepark all included with your stay.

One other thing of note, with the lack of rain this year, the Wisconsin River is at one of it's lowest levels historically, especially the lower Dells. Because of this, many boat tours out there have cancelled their tours until the water levels significantly rise.

Certain victory.

Go to Noahs Ark if you're doing just waterpark stuff, but if you're doing both water/dry, then go to Mt. O.

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