The Deep Abyss- Student Project- need help!

I am a senior-level college student working in my Entertainment Marketing class on a project that involves the launch of a potential brand-new coaster at SeaWorld. My group and I are in need of some input, from you- the target market- as to what you do and don't like about indoor LIM coasters. Do you prefer them themed? Do you like little specks of light throughout the ride, or to be completely in the dark? How important are the inversions to you? What type of inversions would you like to see? Would you go to the park specifically if a special event were offered? How far are you willing to travel to experience this coaster? Is a storyline important to the theming of the ride? Please discuss. Thank you for your time!

I would say at Sea World, theme and storyline are everything. The coaster could not be very thrilling at all, but if it has a good storyline and good special effects, it would be a winner. As far as inversions go, I can take them or leave them. I hope this helps a little.

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Make sure it has lapbars and no over the shoulder restraints to bash your head or jab your neck. Emphasize drops and directional changes and use inversions only to enhance the layout; don't make the ride about how many times you can flip upside-down.

Total darkness with lighting effects that do not give the surprises away are better than complete darkness or being able to see faintly see the entire ride. Disneyland's Space Mountain is the benchmark for this.

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