The Crystal Beach Cyclone

With Ravine Flyer II operating and receiving great attention, it seems appropriate to recall another very intense wooden coaster that used to be at another park on Lake Erie. This is the Crystal Beach Cyclone.

The Cyclone was built by Travers of Beaver Falls PA and like RF2 was known for its unrelenting intensity. It too was wood track on a steel structure. The main difference was that the Cyclone got too extreme at some points during the ride, causing great discomfort and making the ride one that was not easily re-ridable. Some accounts of the ride mention that Crystal Beach stationed a nurse at the ride because of the adverse effects that the coaster had on many riders.

Probably the most famous element of the ride was the twisting first drop that has been emulated on other coasters such as the Hersheypark Wildcat and Kennywood's Phantom's Revenge. Other elements included the severely sloped double helix and the figure eight section. *** Edited 7/17/2008 3:43:59 AM UTC by Arthur Bahl***

Arthur Bahl

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And then came The Voyage... ;)

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

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Our friend swampfoxer has put up a video of CBC...

That second the back seat...*drool*. :)

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Cool video here:

What ever happened to badnitrus anyhow?


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^ He's still doing Coaster Videos in a more professional style. Alot of new coaster animation footage is from him, including Patriot and Behemoth to name a few that I know he did.

Chris Knight

There's also a NoLimits recreation of CBC (I think it's even part of he demo version)
Nothing beats the original footage though... what a modern looking coaster!
Maybe someone will recreate it for real some day (I guess some of the edges would have to be smoothed out though).

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Nice link, gator. I bet that hill coming out of the spaghetti bowl had some massive air time.

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Badnirtus = Virtual Image Productions

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Swampfoxer is going to get me fired! Nice music! :)

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^Where there are no phone calls or e-mails coming in, swampfoxer occupies a good deal of my "work hours" as well.. ;)

Haven't heard from Keith in quite awhile, last i knew he was working on some hush-hush project (then again, ALL of his work seems to be that way, right up until release)...

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How about a RTC3 recreation? Find Cyclone and some other repos here.

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I once told "Badnitrus" to try and market himself to parks.

He had done a couple real nice animations and I said "Dude... you can totally market these to parks putting in new attractions"

He came back to me and said "really? you think they would buy these" Im like.. "Sure.. no one else is doing them to this level'!

Im sure i was one of a hundred people to say that to him.. so who knows if my words of wisdom got him into this professionally.

It's nice to see him doing well.

Those sections of trick-track are absolutely sick.
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Stupid questiion, but how did the maintaine workers check the track daily like they do on today's coasters?

I don't see any walk-way surrounding any part of the ride except maybe the lift!

Think that has anything to do with the destruction of the ride? Bad maintaince.

This was a related video next to the swampfoxer one. It's a pretty good no limits POV. Gets blurry in places, but that's probably how the ride was in real life. Yeah, I can see some major nausea and a few cases of whiplash on this one.

^One one of the last straight aways, was the track going up and down supposed to represent roughness, or did the original design have that part?

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That thing is just sick. LOL!

Swampfoxer has some of the best old videos ever! I love his stuff!

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^One one of the last straight aways, was the track going up and down supposed to represent roughness, or did the original design have that part?

The ride had two sections of trick-track near the end. The first had very small bunny "bumps" (what you noticed), the second was the more traditional "tilt from side-to-side" trick track we still ocasionally see today (Shiv Timbers, Villain, etc).

FYI, here's POV of Crystal Beach's side-friction woodie: *** Edited 7/18/2008 2:08:22 PM UTC by Mamoosh***

You can see a picture of the second trick track at 0:47 in swampfoxer's video.
Thanks guys, I was just reading the bulletin on my phone and I had seen the no limits recreation a while ago, but that coaster looked really crazy.

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