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The only reason Woody would throw me is because I think Woodpecker and Nuthouse are one word.

I'd use WWNC instead of WWPNHC.


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Oh man...Gonch says "woodpecker" and "nuthouse" in a single post and there's not a single cold shower in sight! ;)

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I can't stand the overuse of acronyms, carets and full quotation. Can't anyone just converse as they would in a group of live people? Does anyone know how to compose and write anymore?

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Agreed, Jeff. Nothing bothers me more when I see text-speak in emails and posts. To me its a sign of laziness. And if I have not said so before thanks for mentioning in the TOS that you expect proper spelling and grammar on this site.

Pehaps its generational? Even where it's most acceptable -- in text messaging -- I more often than not spell everything out. I can't tell you how many times I've receive a text message and spent time scratching my head trying to figure out what's being said, lol.

I'd much rather see read posts that look like this...thn psts tht luk lik ths ;)

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I dsgre. ;)

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I don't know that it's generational, but my concern is that it's hard enough to have context and tone in text, but when you leave out real words, punctuation and some kind of composition, it gets even more lost.

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I like the idea of spelling it out the first time, and after that going ahead and using acronyms. I think that I do that sometimes.

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I'm surprised you're able to do that when you have a head like a hole ;)

Bingo! Why hasn't somebody come out with a a CoasterWiki? Heck, they've got ones for Star Wars (May the Force be with you!), Star Trek (Live long & Prospor), and even one dedicated to "Furries".

Why not one for coasters? It could have cross-refs to similar coasters. It'd be kind of like RCDB, but more user friendly.


Here's one to add:

Vermont: a state that has had ZERO coasters. (Unless you count some of the back roads)

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lol Moosh.

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