The Blue Flash

John Ivers from Indiana is the man who built The Blue Flash! Has Anyone been on his coaster? I'm going up that way this weekend and want to try to get a chance to ride this back Yard wonder. Can anyone help me with some info ( like how to contact this guy or a web page) I'm flying into Indy and staying in Bloomington for the weekend. Thanks for the help!!

No I don't have a kid, but I still want to ride!

Mamoosh's avatar realize it's the middle of winter, right?...and that whole area has been experiencing severe cold, power outtages, ice storms, etc?

Do John Ivers a favor: leave him alone.

I'm sure he'd be much more receptive to a visitor in the middle of the summer.

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LOL...ya think? ;)

Oh, and CoasterMonkey:

Coastermonkey wants to get ahold of him now to demand that he make this coaster indoors before he arrives. :)

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It's the middle of the winter True, but What will it hurt to ask!

If he says no.. oh well

Chitown- maybe I'll take Him some Old Style and by time we get done it will feel like we're indoors.

No I don't have a kid, but I still want to ride!

Just remember that you are asking to be let into his home, and odds are the coaster is not in working order right now. Let the man have some privacy.

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^^If you take him some Old Style, he definitely won't let you ride be it winter or summer.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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You are flying to Indy, staying in Bloomington and want to go an hour and a half out of your way to bug John? I think there are plenty of other things to do here in Indiana that don't involve invading privacy.

My head hurts just contemplating Monkey's (lack of both) IQ and logic.

Sheesh...While you're at it and in the area, why don't you contact IB to see if they'll let you in for a case of beer to ride their coasters, too. (eyeroll)

--George H

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Hey, for a case of beer, I'll set up my laptop in front of you and let you ride POV of all my NoLimits coasters while I shake your chair!

For Arrow loopers will you hit him upside the head? ;)

--George H

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Oh yeah, I forgot all about that. Of course, that'll cost extra for the full experience.

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For B&M's you won't even have to move the chair.

Wow you guys are some Cock Blockers of Random Fun.. Well this Guy did Build this Coaster in his Back yard and has let the Media get hold of it. Has a web site that has his email and Phone Number posted so you can call him. So doesn't seem he wanted to keep this all to himself.

So I'm guessing No one has Been on this thing.

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No I don't have a kid, but I still want to ride!

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I've ridden it.

Is there an emoticon for contemptuous arrogance? Cause if there is, I think you forgot to use it. ;)

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I have talked to him about the coasters in person and saw how they were made in person. He was having an issue with the motor on that day so I have not ridden it. I know someone who has though. But believe me, he would rather be left alone.

I've seen the Blue Flash on tv. It looks cool and I commend him for building it. But I cannot imagine myself ever walking up to a strangers home and asking to be let in to ride a roller coaster in his backyard, whether it is technically allowed or not.

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So to update this Topic.. I talked to Mr Ivers today and he said he has no problem with people Riding his coaster. He said he has had a lot of fun with it and doesn't mind sharing it. He said he would like to be Called ahead and then can work out the details. His Second Coaster is done! So I'll be up there this Summer to enjoy this Coaster and to meet Mr Ivers.

No I don't have a kid, but I still want to ride!

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