The BEST Trip Ever - Cedar Point, June 8

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Saturday, June 9, 2001 8:05 AM
Yesterday, I had my BEST trip to ANY amusement park I've ever been to - ever! It was a wonderful, awesome, and perfect day. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, with no rain in sight.

We woke up at 7:00, and left around 8:30. We arrived at around 10:30, with all the gas and Rite Aid stops inbetween. We took Cedar Point Rd. to get there. I have one question: is this a new road that leads directly to the park? I don't seem to recall it ever being there.

So we handed the cashier our Pepsi cans, and gave away our extras which made a family VERY happy. So far it was already a great day.

After a quick bathroom break, we headed straight to the middle of the park (Gemini, Magnum, etc.) My first coaster of the day was the Corkscrew, which was a short line as always. One of my favorite looping coasters ever built.

Next was Magnum XL 200 - my new favorite coaster. Of course, I loved it before yesterday, but after riding it, I quickly realized how much I really love it. Move over Villain, the Magnum is in your spot now.

I rode it front seat, with a 15 minute wait. Only one queue line was filled, so I was glad the crowds weren't over excessive today. GREAT ride, rode front seat - and we bought an on ride photo, my new amusement park "must have" gifts.

Next we headed over to the Gemini, which was running a total of 4 trains. We waited about 10 minutes, which was probably the longest I've ever waited for that ride in my whole life. Still a fun ride after all these years.

We also took a ride on Cedar Downs, which is a favorite of my mom's.

Next we went on Paddlewheel Excrusions (the ferry ride that takes you underneath Millennium Force and through the woods). One of my Mom's favorite rides, and it's very enjoyable, except when the Force goes zooming above you. VERY loud!

We headed over to the back of Frontiertown, and we all took a round trip on the Railroad. A nice ride, love the skeletons!

After getting off, still at Frontiertown, my dad and I rode the Mean Streak. I was a little reluctant to do this after all my bad experiences with it, but that was two years ago so I thought I might as well give it a try. The line was the shortest I've ever waited for that ride - only 5 minutes. We rode front seat.. and I must say, I love this ride! It has become one of my favorite wooden coasters and it was not too rough at all. GREAT ride!

After all this, we headed over to the Chuckwagon, a sit down country-styled restaurant. We've eaten there for either lunch or dinner for the past 5 years, and I love it! I always get the country fried steak with mashed potatoes and stuffing. Delicious lunch!

So we rested, and met the rest of the family at the Cedar Creek Mine Ride. We rode it, which is never a long line as you all know. Running three trains - fun ride, not too thrilling.

Now it's Millennium Force's turn... at the time, I thought this ride was over rated and nothing too great. After waiting an hour, and going in the back seat, ( I was informed that we COULD wait for the front seat - if we waited to add another 45 minutes to our already 60 minute wait. I'll pass.) this coaster has gained MUCH more respect from me now. It's one of my favorite steel coasters now. I had forgotten how fast it went - and, oh the height! Wow... awesome ride!

Decided to skip the Mantis - only two trains (I feel bad by saying ONLY two trains, I'm used to saying only one..) and the line was horendous, as it always is. Besides, I get leg cramps after and I still had a long day to go ahead of me.

So it was about 3:30 now, and we headed over to the IMAX theatre to watch a Michael Jordan movie. It was a HUGE screen, claimed to be on the biggest. A very informative movie.

After this, I took a quick front seat spin on the Iron Dragon. Nothing too intense - but a fun ride.

We headed toward the front of the park, and we took a spin on the Raptor (front seat!) while waiting about 30 minutes. Bought an on ride photo, and rode the Bluestreak. A great ride and much smoother than last year. Front seat.

We decided to eat at the Midway Market (a suggestion from me), a buffet that serves different kinds of food. GREAT place - probably my favorite sit down restaurant at any amusement park. Delicious choices, and great desserts! I ate: salad, taco, chicken taco, mashed potatoes, stuffing, meatballs, and a slice of pizza. WHEW, that was the most I've eaten in a long time! And I can't forget my vanilla ice cream sundae at the end. EXCELLENT - if you're ever at CP, you must try this place out. It's right in the front of the park, and, according to the brochure, the Midway Market will soon be serving breakfast for early park goers!

I split up with my family, and I rode the Magnum twice and the Raptor once (back seat, INTENSE!). I also rode the Magnum in the back and it seemed to be a lot faster than the front.

Boguht a Cedar Point t-shirt along with some keychains, and we were off to watch the FIRST 2001 Summer Spectacular. It was great - but those mudflies! I was getting eaten alive. This is probably the only thing I don't like about CP, and I know they can't help it.

The show was awesome - and after, we headed home at about 10:45 (the park rides closed at 10:00).

CP is now my favorite park, sorry SFWoA. I am so amazed at CP's dispatching times, their cleanliness, their friendliness, and everything else. If SFWoA wants to be in the same level as CP, they have a lot of work to do.... and I don't see them seriously competing with them for a few years now.

Too bad CP isn't my home park.

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Saturday, June 9, 2001 9:33 AM

Sounds like someone got their first taste of the magic of Cedar Point. :)

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Saturday, June 9, 2001 3:20 PM
Right on, brother! Welcome to "La Familia". Oh wow, a few more days untill I can experience THE MAGIC! We wrote a song aboot The Point, maybe I will post it in a little bit.

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